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Tamagotchi On App - More Friend Issues

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I'm back again, hi! 

I tried what was recommended by @Ginjirotchi_lover about how to get my friend and I's Tamagotchis married together through the app. We texted back and forth and I realized that he wasn't on my friends list anymore! What! His profile just disappeared! Where did it go? We had to re-add each other, which was frustrating and then visited the park, where we were not able to find each other. :huh:

Also what is the second option on the friends list in the middle? It shows my Tamagotchis from my other Tama that I don't have connected anymore. Why is it there? It will say "Tamagotchi 1" and show an adult Tamagotchi I used to have and two toddlers (three profiles). 

Do you think that more features will come out to make it easier to connect with your friends? I hope so, because this isn't working for me. :babytchi:

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