What happened to Tama-Zone

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I had some kind of stroke and had a vivid flashback that tama-zone was a thing years ago, lo and behold they migrated to tapatalk for whatever reason, I've been posting in the filter thread there, no-one bothered to verify me there 

Did anyone else use and still use tama-zone forums? If yes are you a basic user, moderator or admin? 

I'm pretty much locked out of the forum for whatever reason, I'm not THAT kind of bot, so if anyone can get in touch with Binary the main admin, Rah or any other moderator there. Help would be much appreciated! 

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Sadly, it looks like Tama-Zone has been abandoned. I looked into that website a year or two ago and found that there were barely any recent posts. The posts that were there seemed to be new users trying to start something and most of them didn't accomplish anything. It really functions as an archive now since back 5-10 years ago, there was genuine interests in all things virtual pet and it flourished. It looks like users gradually moved on to other social media platforms since logging, the main forum activity, is highly social and allot of people are contented with an informal structure. Naturally, people moving onto other places means they take all of their other Vpet curiosity with them, making the discussions on Tama-Zone die even further. Judging from what I've seen there - and what has trickled onto TamaTalk - people moved to Tamagotchi Facebook groups and those are starting to break down. People are trying to make new forums to hopefully rekindle the old enthusiasm - someone even mistakenly tried to do that here - but really TamaTalk is the only active Tamagotchi forum. I reckon allot of that is due to the community collecting here because it always has and there is still interesting content.

I'm telling you all this as another way to say that you are better off staying on TamaTalk because you wont get the same interaction on Tama-Zone - since its practically abandoned and any contributing there would be equivalent to screaming into a void. If you still want to contribute there anyway, you could PM Ra on instagram since he's still active there. Just in case there is any confusion, I'm perfectly fine with people going to Tama-Zone instead of TamaTalk and if Tama-Zone ever gets its community back, the more the merrier!

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Ra occasionally does unboxings and hands on things like Tamagotchi ON, Meets, etc on his YouTube Channel. 

I'm stuck in spambot trap limbo in Tama-zone tapatalk. Binary vanished, so there are people stuck waiting for verification that never comes. 

Google shows latest thread from 2018 on the forum. Place is indeed inactive and unmoderated since half of the admins went AWOL some time ago, there are bunch of people posting spambot trap thread and never got to main forums and old threads. I remember old guard like Ra, Binary and handful of others. 

Thanks for letting me know that tama zone tapatalk is more or less dead in the water. I'll do my best to try contacting people who tried to get in, but didn't and old admins. 

I had couple projects going on in Tama-zone, so I just have to improve on those projects that I even remember at this point. ml

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