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Tamagotchi ON app for “unsupported“ regions

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As Penguin Watcher stated earlier, Tamagotchi ON models aren't available in UK, EU and plethora of unsupported regions. 

Here's what you should do to add Tamagotchi ON permanently to your Google account of your choice. 

First download app called OpenVPN off play store. 

get a testing account from Mullvad. These accounts last for two hours or so, you should do this step last


Disable location tracking (GPS) 

Clear Google play cache and data. 

Once you have your VPN set to supported location, US or Canada. Activate your VPN 

Search Tamagotchi ON app in Google play app

Download and install. 

You have added Tamagotchi ON to your account. You can reinstall it if you buy a new phone or other android device. 


You do not have to have your VPN active to use the app.

Tamagotchi ON manual fails to mention that you need to have both Bluetooth AND GPS enabled, otherwise you cannot register your tama units (Up to three), visit tamagotchi Town and download saved gotchi and items 

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You can also just use QooApp, though this gives you the Japanese version.

On my iPad I downloaded both versions with an American and Japanese Apple ID, no VPN required. Just enter Bandai's headquarters or whatever as your home address.

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Just to add, Google is becoming more and more protective about what you install on your phone if you use third party apps

Rooting a phone is a long process, heck of even with allowing install from .apk from files, Google can disable "malign" apps and block them altogether 

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