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Hi guys! I've made a small poem about Tamagotchis. I was inspired today, so I like how it turned out. Here is what I had gotten! ♥


I might have a problem. A small one, I think.

It happened so fast, best described in a blink.

It’s not curable, too, and indeed quite drastic.

I fell in love with a creature of pixels and plastic.

Some might call it quite immature and strange,

But for me, my fascination will never be changed.

It’s true, I fell in love with a creature of pixels and plastic.

But it takes the pure at heart to carry on with the magic.


Comments and critiques welcome! ♥


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    • By Eternal Mametchi Fan
      Just a fanmade Tamagotchi song I came up with.
      Together, me and you
      We can make our dreams come true
      I guarantee we can be
      Eternally happy

      Your heart and soul, with mine
      Connected across distance and time
      I vow I will stand by
      Until the day I die

      And even after that day,
      I will never be far away
      Somewhere in the sky so blue
      I’ll be watching over you

      This is what friendship means
      A powerful bond between two beings
      Laughter and trust and harmony
      This is the meaning of Tamagotchi

      There will come a time to face your fears
      But I’ll be there to wipe away your tears
      A cosy hug as warm as the sun
      As we share the light with everyone

      No matter what happens as life goes on,
      I’ll be there for you all along
      Sometimes you’ll want to be left alone
      But nothing will tear the bond we’ve sewn

      Memories to last longer than forever
      Your eyes shining more than any treasure
      Your smile giving me all the joy I need
      Soaring high like a dove being freed

      This is what friendship means
      Much more valuable than it seems
      A priceless treasure to both you and me
      This is the meaning of Tamagotchi

      This is what friendship means
      More special than your biggest dreams
      Joining together in unity
      This is the meaning of Tamagotchi
    • By Eternal Mametchi Fan
      Somewhere, someway
      Somehow, someday...
      I'll make my wishes come true
      I don't know what I have to do
      But I will try my best to smile
      Following my dream the whole while
      All I've wanted since my first breath
      All I'll want until I reach my death
      Is to find the life that's right for me
      And learn what truly makes me happy
      I still haven't reached the end of the road
      Not sure where I am, don't know where I'll go
      I've made many friends along the way
      I just have to chase my dream, day by day
      What kind of destiny is in store?
      I'll be searching forevermore
      I want to learn the purpose of my life
      And while I'm at it, I'll reach for the sky
      Somewhere, someway
      Somehow, someday...
      I'll finally find my destiny.
      Waiting right there for me.
    • By Eternal Mametchi Fan
      Yay for more lame useless cryptic poems
      I regret letting you go.
      It hurts me more than you'll ever know.
      I don't know if it was the right thing to do.
      So remember, I'll be waiting for you.
      I'll check for you every day.
      I'll keep waiting for you to say,
      "I am back, I'll never again leave."
      But I don't know what to believe.
      I wonder, will you really return?
      To see you again is what I yearn.
      One day is all it took for all this pain.
      For happiness to fade and sadness to reign.
      It just won't be the same, ever.
      I'll wait for you forever.
      I still don't know what is true.
      Just remember, I'll be waiting for you.
    • By Eternal Mametchi Fan
      (Don't worry, I'm not super sad or leaving TamaTalk or anything! This poem was inspired by the fact that the Tamagotchi anime, and the Tamagottsun, are ending... so it's kind of like I'm saying goodbye to the Tamagotchi anime, but also the characters saying goodbye to eachother when the Tamagottsun ends.)
      Ever since the very start,
      I never thought we'd have to part.
      But now that time has truly come.
      Let's make this goodbye a happy one.
      Remember all the times we shared.
      I thought you'd always be there.
      But good things can never last.
      Now those times are in the past.
      My heart will hold each memory
      Of smiles and laughter, for eternity.
      You'll always be on my mind
      I'll never leave those memories behind
      We've adored eachother for so long
      I can't believe you're nearly gone
      I think about you and shed a tear
      But of happiness for when you were here
      Now it's time to say goodbye.
      Of happiness and sadness I will cry.
      Sad that this is the way it has to be.
      Happy that I'll always have memories with me.
    • By Watashiwatchi
      This is my attempt at a haiku:
      Everyday we meet
      A great blessing it is
      I won't take granted
      Though I can't see you
      To know that you are out there
      is blessing enough
      To Him I give thanks
      For those I can see and can't
      For we are all blessed
      What do you think? Is it good? Bad? Let me know, and don't hold back!