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Help me locate this dino-pet from 1997.

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I had this virtual pet in 1997. I most likely still have it, in some form, but I have absolutely no idea where it is. I've been through my collection numerous times, and I can't seem to locate it.

I have some information on it and a video I discovered on YOUTUBE of someone using one. Unfortunately, it's in a foreign language I cannot understand. Maybe someone here can help.


  • One variation of this pet is known at Petogotchi. However, I have other virtual pets called this, and they are not the same one.
  • It is related to the Smart Chick/Bobby family of virtual pets.
  • This screenshot is what the pet looks like. I remember this creature very very well.
  • This is a video of someone playing one on YOUTUBE.
  • I have a growth chart for it.



It does'nt have to be the exact version, but I want the chip inside, the actual sprites, games and everything INSIDE THE SHELL to be the same. The shell itself isn't as important. It also doesen't have to be a "petogotchi" branded version. Any name its given in the version is fine, as long as its the same chip inside.



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Posted (edited)

I realise this is difficult and the lack of replies proves how hard it is. But I have a small bit of info that may help? 

Firstly I should have mentioned earlier that I believe this dinopet is a form of Dragotti. Also, I have this picture of a sealed one.


Also... there seems to be a version that runs on a bootleg world a DINKIE DINO, Raku Raku Dinokun? Heres proof.


Hope someone can help me out.

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