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Meets - Color changing conundrum

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I read that to unlock one location there needs to be some color changing. However, what are the circumstances/tips & guides on color changing? 

I.e.1. Once you've changed to one color, can you revert back?

2.If you're character is a mix of colors/primarily white and you changed to one color, and then back to white, would it return to normal and exactly the way it was? Or is there permanent change in some body parts?

3.What if you've got twins?? One white and one orange, how would this work with eating the restaurant food? Is it impossible to manage who will color convert?

The end goal is this: I want them to temporary change to one color (x1), then revert back to the original (2x color change should count). Is this possible?

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  1. I don't think so... unless the colour is one which you can get back by eating food. What I mean is... let's say your Tama is purple, and you change it to orange, you can change the colour back by eating Magic Drops (or whatever the candy in Magic Land is called...). But if you have a dark blue Tama, and you turn it orange, there is no way to change it back to dark blue.
  2. Nope, permanent change in all parts. It makes colour changing very hard :( 
  3. Nope, colour changing affects both ... 

In conclusion? Colour changing is a risky thing :huh:

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13 hours ago, Eggiweg said:

Guides to the different devices can be found here:

It shows which foods turn what, but in summary [Thanks rose!], color changing is risky. 

I've also read it effects your Tamagotchis whole line. This is indeed a conundrum, since I really like who's in the location to unlock, BUT I'd have to risk changing the unique colors of the Tamagotchi.

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This post is old so maybe you’ve learned this by now, but color changes are only permanent in the adult stage. If you do the color change as a toddler or teenager it will revert to the original color in 24 hours or when it ages to the next stage. If you change your teen’s color to orange, it will not become an orange adult.

I’m pretty sure color changes always affect both twins. 

I’m not sure if I remember this correctly, but I think the two color changes to unlock the salon location have to be in the same stage. That’s easiest as an adult since you have basically unlimited time but the color changes would be permanent. If you don’t want it to affect your adult’s color, you have to do the two changes as a toddler or teen which means you have to buy the foods for the color changes and basically only feed it those foods during that stage.

Hope this helps someone (:

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