Features That Has Been Removed Prior To 2018 Redesign

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If You Dont Know Theses Things From Tamatalk And You Want To Remember Theses Things. Go here!


1. TamaTube

Tamatube (Formerly TamaVision) Was Just A Videos Section It Is Removed In the 2018 Redesign.

See here 


2. TamaChat

See here

Our Chat Section Has Been Removed. For The Forresable Future.


3. Tbay

See here

It was An Shop Section. After 2014 It was Been removed.


See here!


Also i Want More Features That Was Been Removed Prior And during the 2018 Redesign

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More Two See Here.

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I'll just move this out of the Non TamaTalk forum (because it's all about TamaTalk... ;) )

How about "What's On Your Mind?" ...


I'll just add that there are no plans to re-open neither tbay nor Tamachat in the foreseeable future.

(but I think you already know, as you have posted asking about them before?)


*moved from Non Tama Talk to What's On Your Mind?*



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