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Hey i would like to get your advice

I currently have the tamagotchi mix and would like to get another one... but im still not sure which one to get.

I really like the p's but i dont think i would be able to buy the pierces

I like the meets but i have the mix so im still not sure if i should buy it or not

The 4u have these attitude stuff which the mix dont have because the mix is all about seeing the outcome of your marriage

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you :)

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The 4u is really basic. I love the on, and i find the 4u a little bit limited. Sadly it's all i can say since i dont played with other color tama.

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The online functionality of the meets really adds to the experience in my opinion. For the Ps, there are patches that can emulate the pierces or even translate your Ps into english. Currently, not all the pierces are avaliable, but there are some additional pierces Mr. Blinky has created as well.

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I would highly recommend getting a P's or iD L! They are both great devices and have great features on their own, and if you plan to take the extra step in getting a device that has infrared that can beam downloadable content to your tamagotchi, they're even better! Palm treo phones are probably the cheapest option for downloading content via infrared, they are usually $15-20 used on ebay and all you need is an SD card to use with it. Also, think about what you enjoy in a tamagotchi and see how/if each version caters to that. I would recommend you check out the growth charts for all these versions since they vary a lot. Other than the english patch for the P's and the differing possible characters, the P's and iD L devices are very similar and are both very enjoyable!

Both the P's and the iD L have infrared, while the 4U uses NFC. If you already have a device (phone or tablet) with NFC and is compatible with a 4U (use this link and scroll down to find the list of compatible devices, keep in mind it hasn't been updated in a few years), then that may be your best bet. Without added content, the 4U is notoriously "bare-bones" since it was made to be a much simpler tamagotchi so it would have more room for downloaded content of the owner's desire. Unfortunately, not all devices are compatible with such 4U so if you don't already own a compatible device, I would advise against it. 

As for the meets, I can't speak on that since I don't own one, but it sounds like you're interested in trying out something new and the meets would be the most similar to your mix out of all the devices you're looking into.

Anyways, I hope that helped! I hope you enjoy whichever device you get! :D

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Posted (edited)

On a Facebook Tamagotchi group apparently everyone favorites are the tama + color, and then the p's...

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