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I have a lot of questions.

1. Can you buy more than the 48 pieces of jewelry in the shop?

2. What does the fortune teller thing at Tama Circus mean, and what's in it for you?

3. How many friends can you have at one time?

4. Who can/can't you raise?

5. What is PC for?

6. How to unlock Flower Count?

7. Why, on the first day of a month, the first time you go to Dream School, D2 play a performance?

8. How do you kill your Tamagotchi without it leaving you?

9. Can you explain, in detail, the stages of growth?

10. What stage of growth is after "Adult"?

11. Does your character have to get married?

12. Is there a 3rd level in Balloon?

13. Why is Sewing Class so hard?

14. Any other games in Dream School?

15. What are all the locations?

16. What is "Tag Read" for?

17. Up to how many Tamagotchi characters can you have?

18. What's Jackpot?

19. Do you get anything after getting 10000000 Gotchi points?

20. How do you change the room design without changing the date?



These are a lot of questions, but please try and answer them all.

In detail, please.

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