a v3 log (some pics)

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i need to run my v3s again so i made a log for them the twist is: if a tama dies i stop using it but if i marry i off it stays!! i have:Mizutamatchi Mizutamatchi sprite,PirorirotchiPiroriroritchi sprite,Hinotamatchi

Hinotamatchi sprite,HashizoutchiHashizoutchi Sprite with TeletchiTeletchi sprite i love Teletchi so here he is!!Teletchi ps if you want me to put in more art please let me know!! 

good bye!!!

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day 7 and 8

GozarutchiV1 Gozarutchi has died so has HashizoutchiHashizoutchi Sprite and  Megatchi Megatchi sprite (sad violin song plays)...

MasktchiMasktchi sprite is alive! and it has a  TeletchiTeletchi sprite but MasktchiMasktchi sprite and Megatchi Megatchi sprite did get marred!!!

and  TeletchiTeletchi sprite from MasktchiMasktchi sprite evolved into a TamatchiTamatchi sprite!!

and is my b-day tomorrow!!:nazotchi:and good Bye!!:newmametchi:


TamatchiTamatchi sprite(boy)

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