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Indecisive Onpotchi

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I've had this new Tamagotchi Music Star for a couple of months, and it's on Gen 8.

My Onpotchi was pretty well behaved until this point. She's wanting to go perform (i.e. has an exclamation point above her head and the music note icon above her highlighted), but when I click on the music note icon, she just shakes her head and refuses to go. She's fed and takes food, doesn't want to play or get praised. I gave her a timeout, didn't work. She gets angry when I get her to practice her instrument.

I don't know what to do. What is she doing? How can I fix it? What does it mean when she does this?
Has this happened to anyone else before?


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That's strange! I'm running a Music Star at the same time as well, I'm up to Gen 4 but even in my previous runthroughs I've never really encountered something like this before. :(

You've implied all the important things, such as a low stress level (cap is 99) and full stats. I've never had a Tamagotchi refuse a performance! Though something did just come to mind - how old is she, and does she actually like her instrument? By that, I suggest maybe swapping around an instrument and seeing if she refuses to play with it/perform with it etc. The V6 was weirdly vague with a lot of its quirks, so I understand the confusion, haha!

I hope this helps in some way. :)

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