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I purchased a previously loved Angelgotchi. It was tested before i purchased it and everything worked just fine. I purchased new batteries for it and I’ve played with it since I received it a few days ago. Today, I was playing the game, when all of a sudden the whole thing reset on me. Now I have to start from the beginning. Is it because it’s an old tamagotchi? Is something wrong with the device? How can I prevent this from happening again? Should I buy a brand new one? Has this happened to anyone?

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This has happened to me with vintage tamagotchis as well as the connection models. I've never figured out why though. It's most likely a misconnection with the batteries, they probably shifted and lost contact with the backing of the shell for a few seconds causing it to reset. Maybe the device just got bumped the wrong way?

I wouldn't buy a brand new one, but I also have no clue how to prevent this. I wouldn't advise making the screws too tight, but you could use some tape if the back doesn't seem secure enough. I don't think it's the specific device since it's happened to me with many of my devices and I have yet to figure out the true root of the problem. If anyone else has input, please share, since this is an ongoing problem for me as well and a solution or explanation would be much appreciated! :D

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This sort of thing can very often be traced back to the battery-contacts having been flattened down by batteries having been left in the device for a long time - a result of the metal being thin and flexible. The solution is to take a very small flat-head screwdriver and very slowly and very very carefully bend the contacts upwards.

I've had to do this multiple times before, and it always fixes the problem. :)

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