Mild infuriation on Cainiao tracking website

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The Cainiao global order site has this flaw that I just can't unsee >:/

Look at the Delivered bubble


EDIT: Added image

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Man, even if I ran out of space like that (which does happen when I'm making flashcards) I would have at least stuck the last letter above the word. I get it though that text wrapping/centering leads to excess letters being stuck under but not completely at the start of a new line. I guess they never heard of the hand dandy dash so they could have done deliver-ed or perhaps the bizarro delive-red. Perhaps they thought as long as it has English on it, who cares?

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From an amateur web designer's point of view, I can understand why it was missed or ignored. Depending on how you stylize a page it may not format correctly on different screen sizes or resolutions.

A good example was a page I was making for a friend. It only looked proper when the screen was 1920x1080 and if you didn't resize the browser window at all. As soon as one of these things happened, the whole thing broke :P

I can only assume that this is a similar thing, but its so small it may not even have been brought to their attention.

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