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UwU's Tamagotchi Connection V4 Log!

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NOTE: Please do not comment until all posts are ready. This log currently has no photos (at least until I figure out how to add them!). First, I will dump a couple of posts containing my history from this summer, followed by weekly updates as I go along. As a kid I would always draw out my evolution lines in a journal, which I will continue to do in addition to updating this log whenever I can!

Hello all! I have recently gotten back into Tamagotchis during the COVID19 quarantine - I was cleaning my room one day when I came across my beloved Tamagotchis; a pink tropical flowers V2 (my first one ever), a blue with butterflies V3, and a green with flowers V4. Unfortunately, my V2 buttons have become unresponsive so I have kept it in storage for now (I hope to be able to repair this one day as it seems fine otherwise).

I booted up my V4 to find a little girl - a Gen3 Mizutamatchi and some family history - a Togetchi father (Gen2), and a Tosakatchi grandfather (Gen1). I took perfect care of the Mizutamatchi and ended up with a Young Memetchi -> Violetchi (she is adorable, one of my favourites!). After marrying a Tosakatchi, she had a baby boy, which grew into my Gen4 Mizutamatchi -> Gourmetchi -> ShimaShimatchi.

At this point, I was curious as to how I could change the family my character grows into, as I have NEVER had a Kuchi family character before! I started to do some research and came across this thread which I have followed carefully since: 

As my V3 Pipotchi (also Gen4) was ready to marry I connected it with my ShimaShimatchi, resulting in another baby boy. Surprisingly, I obtained a Gen5 Mohitamatichi, just what I wanted! And so the mission to obtain Kuchi characters begins! I hope to obtain Kuchipatchi/Nonbiritchi by the end of the summer, as I have had Makiko and Tensaitchi in the past.

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Starting with the Gen5 Mohitamatchi, I gave perfect care and unfortunately, ended up with a Hinotamatchi -> Tosakatchi... Clearly this was going to be a bigger challenge than anticipated! Thankfully I seem to have an abundance of time so I soldiered on :D. The Tosakatchi married a Masketchi through the Matchmaker in an attempt to "scramble" the Meme genes, and I got a baby girl.

I got a Gen6 Puchitchi which I was super excited for! I gave her perfect care and obtained Ringotchi -> Mimitchi, who went on to marry my V3 Androtchi.

Next up was another baby girl, a Gen7 Mohitamatchi! With perfect care I finally obtained... YOUNG DOROTCHI -> Sebiretchi, my first ever Kuchi characters on this V4! I was super excited to see that varying the level of care was able to make such a great difference in the characters I was getting; as a kid, I only ever gave abysmal care and so I never really got anything new.

Anyways, my Sebiretchi married a Gozarutchi through the Matchmaker in an attempt to keep the "genetic" influences clean.

I was happy to see another baby girl, who grew into a Gen8 Mohitamatchi! I gave it perfect care yet again, however this time, she grew into an Ichigotchi -> Memetchi -> Makiko; As mentioned in the original thread, I hadn't seen these characters in over a decade so I was fine with it, but disappointed that the perfect care strategy didn't seem to work. It seems as though child to teen evolution does have a random component to it after all. Makiko was able to marry my V3 Bunbunitchi, and had a baby boy as we continue our experiment.

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Posted (edited)

NOTE: COMMENTS ARE NOW WELCOME! Feel free to drop any tips, tricks, or experiences with child to teen evolution on the V4 :ichigotchi:

Started the next round with a Gen9 Mohitamatchi! I tried perfect care and this time, to my disappointment yet again, ended up with a Hinotamatchi -> Togetchi. Coincidentially, his twin brother on my V3 grew into a Memetchi, who I was absolutely obsessed with! I guess the Meme genes from Makiko were way too strong. I absolutely love the Meme family characters but I really am just looking for a change and as a completion-ist, I want to try and get the characters I haven't seen before. Anyways, through the Matchmaker, the Togetchi married a Sebiretchi and had a baby boy. According to my childhood journals, the longest streak I have ever had was 9, and so I have finally beat my record as I reached the double digits!

Up next I had a Gen10 Mizutamatchi, who would be the first to start receiving the controlled care mistakes as outlined on the original thread. I only managed to give 3 care mistakes before his evolution time came around and grew into a Hinotamatchi. Oh well! I wanted to try for a Universal character this time, however, his skill point total was too high with intelligence >40 so he grew into a Tosakatchi. He then married a Marotchi from the matchmaker and they had a baby girl.

Then, I got a Gen11 Mizutamatchi (I was expecting a Puchitchi!), who would then receive more controlled care mistakes. I managed 4 care mistakes from hunger, and kept the bars fairly low to try and accumulate the care mistakes sooner - this was likely a mistake as she grew into an Ojotchi -> Masketchi, which I welcomed to break the Meme monotony. I should have refilled the bars immediately after and waited for them to drop again to try for the next care mistake. Masketchi married my V3 Tsunotchi and they had a baby girl.

We continued with a Gen12 Puchitchi, who again received perfect care to grow into Ringotchi -> Marotchi. She married a Tarokotchi from the Matchmaker and they had a baby boy.

Following the pattern so far, I got a Gen13 Mohitamatchi! I really thought this would be the one, and so I gave it perfect care. It evolved into... HINOTAMATCHI! AGAIN! WOW! I couldn't believe it! I tried to keep its stats low to try for a Universal adult, but again the skill points total accidentally became too high. He grew into a ShimaShimatchi. As if to mock me, my V3 grew into... a KUCHIPATCHI :lol:!! My ShimaShimatchi married a Hanatchi as we continue this experiment.

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Here are some growth charts that I found online so any readers can follow the character names on both versions! ^_^

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4 minutes ago, Tacoburritotchi said:

Nice! ^_^Clap Clapping GIF

Thanks! Hope you found this entertaining! :P

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Great log! Super impressive that you kept detailed track of 13 generations so far B)


Unfortunately, my V2 buttons have become unresponsive so I have kept it in storage for now (I hope to be able to repair this one day as it seems fine otherwise).

This might be a simple fix - here are some posts that might help you:


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9 hours ago, Decotchi said:

Great log! Super impressive that you kept detailed track of 13 generations so far B)

This might be a simple fix - here are some posts that might help you:


Thank you! I kept notes as a part of the V4 child evolution research project started by Maria&Co in the linked thread.

I'll be sure to check out those links - the V2 was my first and so it hurt to see that it no longer works as it used to!

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