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I made this so people can share their favorite music. (Any kind)

I love the Hamilton soundtrack. It's almost all that I listen too. It was really cool to see it on disney+.

What is your favorite music?

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My favorite artist is David Bowie :chohimetchi: Lately I've been listening to a lot of the neglected songs on my iTunes, from various artists/genres ^_^

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On 8/2/2020 at 3:33 AM, Tacoburritotchi said:

My fave song right now is Mikrokosmos from BTS. 

I don’t listen to BTS but I’ve heard a lot about them. What kind of music is it?

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      I'm bored and I feel like typing a lot so here's a guide to the music i'd like to share
      This band is a mixture of chiptune and metal?... garage music?... actually genres are too confusing so i'm calling this music music, it's the type of music that sounds like music and yeah i like music you know?:
      I don't really know what this is
      If you like chiptune, nosie music and a screaming japanese band with a lore that they time traveled to the 1980s than you'll probably like this.

      Humans are really good at self loathing, so if you like slow guitar music and depressing facebook poems than you'll like this too.

      Very chill music, that's unique and unforeseen in it's use in common dubstep beats. Nothing here will disturb you but only enlighten you.
      Music that is a little more deeper than the one i posted above, this track is, a lot more beaty and forceful in it's nature. It's what the cool kids would call high music.
      Quirky and creative artist who sings songs as a hobby. With smooth guitar and intentionally low quality audio, but if it's intended than perhaps it isnt low quality.

      One of the rap boy bands, imagine a typical boy band that coated with today's rap music industry, yeah that's what these guys are and they are really good. I highly suggest it to any lover of rap.

      Someone from the band above, but it's a rapper who struggles with his sexuality.

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      Why did my tamagotchi music star die? I had it paused and it somehow randomly unpaused on its own. ;-;
      (I read the rules and I hope I'm doing this right.)