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Teen body types and the cooresponding adult body types

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This is a work in progress, so the list isn’t remotely complete! In the second generation onwards, the teen evolution indicates the adult body type. However, the same teen has multiple different body types (due to the principle of it) If it has a question mark next to it, it’s a theory. Body types are listed by character names.

Hanbunkotchi: Mametchi, Kikitchi(?), Violetchi(?)

Mokofuritchi: Lovelitchi, Nijifuwatchi(?)

Penribotchi: Memetchi(?)

Kurupoyotchi: Kuchipatchi(?)

Terukerotchi: Watawatatchi

Metotchi: Pompomtchi(?) Nejirobotchi(?) 

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There's a guide for the meets at tamatown:

On that site, they have a chart showing which teen body corresponds to which adult body, found here:


Unfortunately, this list only includes Magic/Fairy/Pastel, but here are a couple I've noticed for the Sweets and Sanrio.



Kurupoyotchi: Hotcaketchi

Terukerotchi: Himedolcetchi


Penribotchi: Gudetama


*Do note that tamas can completely change their growth from stage to stage, so getting these teens may not always guarantee that you'll get the corresponding adult body.

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