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Tamagotchi Log -4u

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On 9/20/2020 at 12:46 AM, Memetchi_4eva said:

Soooooo a LOT!   Has happened. George got married, and had a baby. As you may know, I was reeaallllyyy hoping for a girl. And........ I got a boy! I was extremely annoyed because I have not yet had a girl character on my 4u. Anyway, I will just hope for next time. Then he (I had not named him yet) turned into the blue toddler ( I don't know its name and couldn't be bothered to look it up, I'm pretty sure it's something like: Fyof...otchi -idk). A day later I lost my tamagitchi! I literally looked everywhere, but couldn't find it! Theeeennnn the next day I found him, he was very sick and had pooped. But he was ok. Me and my sister both have tamagotchi's and love Hamilton, so I named mine Alexander and her's Eliza. Alexander turned into a Kuromemetchi. I'll udate you on the days to come, but this gneration has been DRAMAAAAAAA. 

What tamagotchi did Eliza turn to?

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