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I've been seeing a lot of things about how the TamaOtch growth complication has been for the most part solved. But I still get Kakuretchi every time I get to the Active stage. And it evolves after 24 hours.

Here's what hapoened.

Character: Asadoratchi

Hearts full, filled up after one dropped.

Training: Adlib x5  Dancing x4  Acting x4

Training bar full, would refil it every time it dropped.

Weight: 32 grams

Discipline bar empty. Called one time, disciplined but then the bar emptied.

Sicknesses: 1 by natural causes (I think).

Messes cleaned up when made.

No calls for attention.

And yet...

Evolved into Kakuretchi after 24 hours.

The same thing happened as last time. I don't have any idea what I'm doing wrong.

There's two ways to obtain Kakuretchi: either by not playing the training games enough, in which case it should be after 36 hours like the others, or by taking poor care, in which case the evolution is triggered after 24 hours.

It's like a slap in the face. Here I'd assumed that now I have some idea of how to get Tamaotchi and Mochimotchi at Active stage but no, the result is always the same.

What am I doing wrong?

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The only two detailed growth charts for the TamaOtch appear to be this partial growth chart and Tamagotchi Wiki's "growth chart". I do wonder if maybe because you, Yuria Charmaine, played almost the same amount of training games if the programming counted it as "random training", as detailed in the topic for the partial growth chart on TamaTalk. I do wonder also if you had any failed games and if that skews your numbers. And now I wonder even more if all of the growth charts can be made irrelevant if one plays too much of the training game. I don't have a Tamaotch of my own to experiment with so I can't test it.

On 9/25/2020 at 12:06 AM, Eggiweg said:

The tamaOtch is notoriously enigmatic, to my knowledge, there are certain characters no one has been able to get yet.

Sounds like a similar case to the Mothra's Moll and Lora that has become so unreachable people even think they don't even exist.

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