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The Adventures of an iD L (and others)

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At this point for me, it's less of a tradition to keep a log than it is to start one. Half of the posts on Tamatalk are just going to be all my unfinished logs! ;A; But not this time, my dear readers. For I have dug out a Tamagotchi version that is very special to me, and with... a lot of hesitation, actually, have started it up for the first time in what feels like forever!

As the title may give away, I am running (and logging!) my pink iD L! Back when I first joined Tamatalk, these were very popular, and also everywhere unlike the listings you see today. I got both my iD Ls - the aforementioned pink version and my now-rare Princess Spacey ver - back in 2013 for less than $100 each, and I'm glad I did because nowadays, oh boy do you have to sell your own soul to get your hands on one mint in box.

Of course, this comes with its own issues - being that I've had these for seven years now, they've accumulated a ton of scratches, which is where most of my hesitation comes from. For those who aren't in the know, colour Tamagotchis - particularly their screens - are highly prone to scratches if you're not careful, and they can show up real easily on the screen as these annoying rainbow-like textures. :( My 4U and m!xs have managed to stay safe, luckily, but my iD Ls and my precious little P's have not had the same luck nor fortune. And don't even get me started on their front faceplates - I'd be able to actually afford a mint iD L with the amount of scratches they have.

However, it is all cosmetic in the end. And it's not like I'm ever getting a new iD L unless I risk it for a used version, so I may as well take you all down with me. I've got a Pac-Man Anniversary Mini/Nano in the mail right now as we speak, so with a little patience I'll hopefully be able to log it soon! :D Let's begin!


iD L

I put some new batteries in a few days ago, and was welcomed by a little Kingyobotchi! For those not in the know, they are the best-care female toddler character on the iD L. I also discovered that my iD L was on its 3rd generation last time I played it - I had previously raised a Kikitchi and an Agetchi, respectively, both of which are bad-care adult characters.

Determined to take good care of my next Tamagotchi, I proceeded to get the next highest-care teenager, Painaputchi - and didn't look at a growth chart, which is extremely rare for me! I ended up raising an adorable little Chamametchi:

I forgot how photogenic the iD L was. You can't even see any of the scratches on it's screen!

(While writing this, I realized I hadn't given Chamametchi a name yet! I searched up the nearest random name generator, and blessed her with the title of London.)

While Chamametchi isn't the... highest care character out there, she's still very cute (and not a teen, strangely). I decided to go for her Tamatomo Stamps - for those who don't have an iD L, every adult 'gotchi has three special likes that cause them to do a cute little animation + give you what's dubbed a Tamatomo Stamp. You earn the last Tamatomo stamp by having your adult-stage Tamagotchi for 72 hours (or, at least 5 years old, if I recall correctly). You can earn any Tamatomo Stamp in any order, and they're a fun little incentive to spend more time with your tama! Plus, it also gets them stamped in the memory book (which is how I discovered the previous tamas I raised), as well as a bonus cutscene when they get married. 

Anyway, I decided to go for London's Tamatomo Stamps straight away! We decided to head to the park, as the market was currently being held:

It's Kuchipatchi's mum! What she's doing here, I have no idea.

Items at the market are usually marked down by 30%, so I wanted to get a good deal. I accidentally ended up leaving by way of the C button with London in tow.

It was raining outside when I took this photo! Who knew Tamagotchi Planet had the same weather cycles... and timezone... wait a second.

We decided to visit again later - for now, it was off to the TamaDepa to get something I thought London would like. The hunt for her Tamatomo stamps was on! I rarely search for these without consulting a guide, so there was an exciting factor to our adventure.

I quickly swept into the accessories aisle, and bought London a pair of cat ears! It was time for the moment of truth...

 IMG-4933.png IMG-4934.png
...I mean, she's still happy at least?

Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. If your Tamagotchi's latest item/accessory/food is Tamatomo-worthy, they'd usually start jumping high in the air with hearts everywhere! But London was quite mellow. She still defied gravity in her celebration, though.

I didn't want to stop there, however - maybe an outfit was what London was looking for! We went back to the market again, as outfits can be super expensive:

IMG-4935.png IMG-4936.png
It's Makiko's mum! ...I just remembered that Makiko's name doesn't end in 'tchi'.

I was running low on money, so we sold off the Tamamori Tree item I got out of the toy seed I planted in London's backyard yesterday. Don't ask.

Anyway, we had enough money to buy London a lovely red kimono:

IMG-4937.png IMG-4938.png
I forgot how fun it was to dress up your tamas on the iD L...

And thus the moment of truth began once again!

Guess what happened next.

...And yet it also was not meant to be! Not only had I spent a ton of gotchi points on two outfits that weren't Tamatomo-worthy, now London looked like a weird anime character. She didn't seem to mind though.

One last photo before the post gets too big...

I decided to stop our Tamatomo hunting there for now. I took London to the different locations in the food menu, but none of the meals and snacks there seemed to activate a Tamatomo Stamp... not even the sweetest treats around! ...That, and it ended with me accidentally discovering Chamametchi's least favorite food. By then my pockets were totally empty. I'm sure I'm missing something here... maybe I should be more open to London's tastes and stop assuming that all she likes is pink stuff just by the colour of her ears? The irony is real.

Next post: more stamp hunting! Meeting a Tama-pet at the park enough times to create a bond with them and take them home... I missed those guys on the 4U and m!x, they were useless but I loved them anyway! :wub:

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Welcome back!! Lots of things happened today, so let's get logging!

I totally forgot to mention some things about Tamatomo Stamps yesterday: for one, getting your tama into the memory book is important because the more tamas you have in there, the more locations you unlock! Unlike future versions, this is how you unlock new places on the iD L (though there isn't really as many as there are on the m!x and meets/ON). They also extend your Tamagotchi's happiness meter, so you don't need to constantly check on your tama if you're busy and such. :D


iD L


Before I went to bed last night, I quickly stopped by the Tamadepa to get a new seed for our backyard:

IMG-4944.png IMG-4945.png
It was so dark by then! This is a rare toy seed, which costs 200 gotchi points.

It's always fun to see what products are available! You can purchase clothes and accessories at another store, of which I forgot the name of. :P

IMG-4946.png IMG-4948.png
Planting and watering! A little sprout blooms after you do so.

Now all we had to do was wait until morning...



...And that brings us to today!

...Uh... London?

But first, I had to wake up to this sight. London had seemingly gotten dirty overnight, which... well... I mean, it happens sometimes. I think.

Of course, this is normal on the iD L, so she had a quick bath and was back to normal instantly!

IMG-4954.png IMG-4956.png
The bathroom as well?!

I also neglected to mention that certain parts of the house can also get dirty, but luckily for us London inherited the cleaning tools from her previous generations (of which you can buy from the Tamadepa as well), so the bathroom was spotless in an instant!

Clean as a sponge!

Now was the perfect time to check on our seed, so we toddled off to the backyard...

IMG-4962.png IMG-4965.png
I should really start getting into gardening if my plants are able to give me things besides oxygen.

...and it successfully bloomed! We obtained a snowcone machine for our efforts - perfect for making sweet delights!

IMG-4967.png IMG-4968.png 
What fruity treat will London concoct for us today?

This wasn't one of London's Tamatomo items - this was actually my second time getting this item from this seed! -, but she enjoyed using it either way.

That bowls' bigger than her! How is such a small machine capable of such feats...

It doesn't turn into a food item to eat, unfortunately.

London was feeling quite hungry, so we headed off to the bakery to chow down on something sweet.

IMG-4972.png IMG-4974.png
The moment of truth...?!

We purchased a lovely little cake(?)... and London found herself really enjoying it.

In fact, she enjoyed it so much that--

IMG-4977.png IMG-4978.png
The beginning of great things to come! London's first Tamatomo Stamp!

--It was revealed to be her first Tamatomo Stamp! Or, at least, the first one we obtained.

A version of a song from the 2009 anime, 'Happy Happy Harmony', accompanies this lovely animation.

And happy she was indeed! We headed off home to celebrate in our yellow submarine - of which I also forgot to mention, is an interior you can buy at the interior store! The default background is a more home-like setting.

While we were settling back in, I checked London's stats and remembered that her happiness bar was now extended, with a cute little hot-pink bar to boot:

She was still hungry, so I fed her a rice bowl. She was not happy.

Our last event for today involved adopting a Tama pet! You can find them at the park every day, rotating every few hours or so in groups of three. Earlier in the morning, the vegetable market was being held, so we couldn't search for any cute companions at the time.

After waiting for an hour or so, we met up with a familiar Tama pet:

What a cutie! I think they're saying 'bagu'... as in bag. Woah.

It's Bagubagutchi! In most Tamagotchi media, he's depicted as the Mame family pet, so it was more or less fate for he and London to meet - Chamametchi is a part of said family, after all.

After three seperate meetings, he quickly grew attached to London, and we took him home.

IMG-4991.png IMG-4993.png
Now he too, can defy gravity with London. Amazing.

Note the dog house that gets added to your home! So cute. I never thought of naming a Tama pet before, but I suddenly couldn't resist - we named him Liverpool! (ain't that something.)

With the dynamic duo of London and Liverpool, as well as the former's first Tamatomo stamp in tow, we have since been relaxing for the rest of the day. What an eventful morning! I may update later if I find any more stamps... plus, we need to dig a new seed. Maybe a vegetable one this time! They're much cheaper than the toy seeds.

Next post: The goal to obtain more Tamatomo stamps! London's new look? Liverpool digs a hole (or a pony), and fixes it later. I stop referencing things in favor of a readable blog.

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I'm loving the log so far! You've made me very nostalgic for the iD L, especially since mine is also pink. Hopefully, the pursuit for the remaining happy stamps is going well.^_^

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On 9/28/2020 at 10:01 AM, tamaninjacat said:

I'm loving the log so far! You've made me very nostalgic for the iD L, especially since mine is also pink. Hopefully, the pursuit for the remaining happy stamps is going well.^_^

Thank you so much! I remember enjoying your own blogs way back when you were logging your own iD L, it's such a nostalgia capsule for me as well.

Unfortunately, we have terrible news - I got busy, and I totally forgot about poor London and Liverpool.

I didn't take a photo of it, but they have unfortunately left home. It is but a sad day, and it's only the third main post on this log! Things have not started well, that's for sure. XD Here's a picture I managed to take - we didn't find any more Tamatomo stamps, but London did earn her 72-hour one just the other day:

Goodbye, London. Sorry I couldn't make you happy.

But there's no time for moping! We've got a new generation to start! And I'm (hopefully) receiving my Pac-Man Tamagotchi next post, so there's no time to lose, lest our little newcomer grows lonely without a friend for company. Let's get logging!


iD L

We have officially started a new generation - and it's a boy! I took a chance and named him Harry.

I always thought this baby (Yurapatchi) looked like a coconut.

Harry was a needy baby, but he meant well. That, and he could die without my supervision, and I'd rather he not die anyway.

Go Harry! Eat that bowl of rice, plus the pickled plum and the entire bowl itse... oh no...

Because London was already gone, Harry and I made the somewhat-morbid decision to sell off her clothing (what two pieces of it she had), as I had actually planned to do it before she left. The kimono was worth a lot, which makes me feel worse.

IMG-5020.png IMG-5021.png
It's Kikitchi's mum! ...wait, she's, like, rich! Why is she at this budget market?

But hey, money's tight, and when the only way to obtain it is by playing repetitious and not-fun minigames (my younger self is screeching), you simply have to make-do.

Storms' a brewin.

Either way, Harry was a cutie as a baby - and he's even cuter as a toddler! Let's wish the best for our young wizard-- well, he's no Pottertchi, but he's trying his best.

In the end, he became a Nannokitchi. Cool!

Woah, woah, wait, this is an iD L blog! What's this below?!


(spacey) m!x

...Okay, so the truth is, I had the iD L deactivated for an hour or so - London's departure kinda dampened my spirits. :( I put batteries in every single color of mine (one at a time, one at a time! I'm not insane, jeez) as to check on them (as all of them had previous save data) - I even activated my 4U for a second just to check on it, though I was quickly demotivated when I saw that it didn't count your generations, only the tamas you obtained previously. :angry: So I got out my two m!xs, my anniversary and my spacey. I love the m!x to death, and the last time I left these two they were also on the 3rd gen, with the parents being married over the devices. It was nice to see them again!

In the end, I decided to just stick to my spacey, and revive the iD L. And here is where we met our lucky gal...


Mamemimitchi! I started calling her Mimetchi, due to her resemblance to the aforementioned occupation. She even had the blush marks! But I'm quick to getting attached, so I started calling her Sarah.

Sarah wasn't doing that well - on the m!x, your Tamagotchi will hide in the corner and cower if their happiness is low. :( It takes forever to raise their happiness on the m!x, so in the end I gave her a bunch of snacks. This is the only good thing getting rid of the weight stat did - it enables me to be a horrible guardian.

Here's her descendants, plus a photo of her vibing in her backyard - the pink Memetchi/Mametchi hybrid is her mother, and the Tamagotchi I previously raised on this m!x!

IMG-5024.png IMG-5026.png
Her parents look like they're gonna sell me a bootleg tamagotchi while claiming it's a V5.

Sarah was a social butterfly (visual pun intended) - and she even met up with--

--Sweet Loretta Martin! It's London!

IMG-5031.png IMG-5033.png
She's back! She's back! She's back to where she once belonged... (sometimes random Tamagotchis will eat with you if you go to the cafe.)

At least we know she made it back safely. They enjoyed some lemon cake together, and I was too afraid to join them.

Anyway, while Sarah may have been a social butterfly, she didn't have any friends in her friend book. Similar to the meets/ON, you get married on the m!x by creating relationships with NPC (non-"playable" character) Tamagotchis across the many different locations you can unlock. We did so with Kuchipatchi down at Patchi Forest!

IMG-5046.png IMG-5037.png
Unlike what i did with the iD L, I searched up what Kuchipatchi's favourite item was. There's no Tamatomo stamps on the m!x, though... which sucks.

After meeting up with Kuchipatchi enough times, Sarah ended up catching feelings quicker than [insert terribly-written fictional relationship here].

She soon bought a proposal ring from the Tamadepa, and proposed to him -- and he accepted in a heartbeat!!

 IMG-5054.png IMG-5055.png
Aaah, to love and to be loved. That surprise kiss, man... *sniff*

The wedding was very nice - it only lasted for a minute or so, but it will forever remain in my heart...

IMG-5056.png IMG-5057.png
Iconic moments in Tamagotchi history, #1: the fireworks show.

Not long after, Sarah and Kuchipatchi (that's a naming convention) had an adorable baby girl! She is a Kuchishimatchi (and that's a mouthful). I officially named her Koko.

IMG-5058.png IMG-5061.png IMG-5062.png
I cannot wait to see how Koko turns out. Those Kuchipatchi genes are going to create beautiful results.

So, it seems we'll have three tamas on our hands! Harry, Koko, and our incoming Pac-Man friend will hopefully prove to be a steady trio. I did not expect to be running my spacey m!x, but here we are. I kinda wish Koko was a boy, just so she could marry Himespetchi, one of my favourite modern-era tamas! Oh well.

Next post: Harry is a what?! Koko's dark past, plus the introduction of a new character, and a higher lighting budget. Black and white is nothing to mess with, kids.



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10 hours ago, Tamacass said:

Her parents look like they're gonna sell me a bootleg tamagotchi while claiming it's a V5.

Oh my goodness, I totally lost it at this - they really do! :lol:

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8 hours ago, Penguin-keeper said:

Oh my goodness, I totally lost it at this - they really do! :lol:

I totally forgot about obtaining them, which makes it even worse. XD The mother's eyes will haunt me forever...

Just a quick part 1 of 2, because in a few hours I'll be receiving my Pac-Man Nano! Exciting times. Today's been quite mellow, although it's the 1st of October down where I am - first day of the month! Harry and Koko have been doing well, the latter having evolved a few minutes after I posted last night. More to come in her section, which will have dates for context's sake - for now, let's get logging!


iD L

Harry is still a leafy boy, and I love him a lot. Although, I did have to wake up to this today:

What spells has he been casting??

Similar to London just a few days ago, Harry had seemingly destroyed the entire house after throwing a preschool frat party the night before. We got to cleaning up, and after a quick bath Harry was raring to go!

IMG-5078.png IMG-5079.png
Vacuuming and flooding the bathroom, two things that should never be mixed.

We decided to go to the park after.

Remember how I mentioned it was the first of the month today? Well, that info came in handy - we unexpectedly met up with the Eco Triplets!

These dudes are wicked about the environment. Have you picked up your trash today?

I only thought these guys visited on the 10th and 20th of each month - I didn't think they visited on the 1st as well. They're all about cleaning the park, so we decided to help out, and got a special bag in return as seen in the photo! The Triplets can give you special items that allow you to save money at specific stores. This bag permanently affects everything available at the Tamadepa, making it so all items are marked down by 50%!!!

To celebrate, we bought an electric guitar - Harry seemed to enjoy playing it a lot!

IMG-5084.png IMG-5085.png IMG-5087.png
Your tama takes the bag to the Tamadepa if you've obtained it!

Do you think Harry wants to be up on-stage? If he becomes Kuromametchi, I guess it'd be a good fit for him... unless I'm just assuming things like I did with London, who was a pretty-in-pink Chamametchi. I really need to stop doing that!

Either way, since our shopping budget was left with a whole bunch of wiggle-room now, we went back and picked up the ever-so present toy seed, which was now 100 gotchi points instead of 200. How handy!

Do you think Harry would grow faster if I planted him instead...?

It's been cloudy a lot on the iD L - it's currently very sunny where I am.

As Harry was born super late into the evening, he should evolve by tomorrow morning - meaning we'll be "skipping" a day (as he'll be asleep by the time he evolves). Good luck, Harry!!!


(spacey) m!x


As said before, Koko evolved after I posted last. She is the spoon toddler (Tantotchi) as I speak, with the added bonus of Mametchi's ears. As our main town (the Tamadepa and Park are considered different settings to the locations you can visit) was currently set to the 'Tamatown' theme, Koko had a higher chance of inheriting her great-grandfather's Mame ears (as it's the place where you can meet Mametchi). On the m!x, if you play with an item from a location enough times, your main town will change it's aesthetic to a certain theme (for instance, it can change to a Berry Town theme from use of an item from Berry Town, or as said before, a Tamatown theme from use of an item from Tamatown).

I later changed it to the Kuchi/Patchi Forest theme with the use of an item I bought over there, as to raise the chance of Koko obtaining more of her father (Kuchipatchi's) genes. Complex times!

IMG-5066.png IMG-5073.png
She is a true-blue cutie! Though something about her feels untrustworthy... I think it's her grandmother's ears... oh no...

She moved out after that, bidding goodbye to her parents. We wish Sarah and Kuchipatchi the best of luck in their new and loving lives!!!

After her sudden bout of independence, Koko instantly fell asleep. She'll probably evolve as Harry will, being that she'll evolve the next day due to being asleep when her time comes (though I think the m!x actually awakens when it's time to evolve, correct me if I'm wrong).

...Aaaaand that brings us to today!



There's actually not that much to say about Koko. As I've already unlocked most of the locations on the m!x - much easier to do than the iD L -, the only thing we can really do is travel, meet new tamas, play with items, etc etc. There's no Eco Triplets on the m!x (:(), so nothing exciting was going on at the park. Nothing ever exciting happens at the park on this version, actually. That's one thing I miss, besides the lack of Tama-pets.

Anyway, here's some photos of Koko I took:

IMG-5089.png IMG-5091.png
It looks like the first photo is looking at the second. Koko has become the first successful Tamagotchi clone. I will not be accepting questions at this time.

Other than that, Koko is chilling with Harry as we speak. The most exciting thing on the m!x is, well, it's namesake. I guess that's not too bad of a sacrifice. Too bad they can't connect to the iD L - though the latter would probably explode just looking at the more high-res sprites present on the m!x and onwards due to their removal of the always-present icons. It looks so weird compared to the iD L!!!

Next post: The Puck-Men rise! (...wait a second.) Harry discovers the truth behind the disappearance of the Eco Triplets, and Koko conducts a sinister master plan... what is it? We will truly never know.

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6 hours ago, Tamacass said:

These dudes are wicked about the environment. Have you picked up your trash today?



6 hours ago, Tamacass said:

Anyway, here's some photos of Koko I took:

IMG-5089.png IMG-5091.png
It looks like the first photo is looking at the second. Koko has become the first successful Tamagotchi clone. I will not be accepting questions at this time.

Koko is adorable. So is her clone. :lol:

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01-10-2020, Part 2...

10 hours ago, Penguin-keeper said:

Koko is adorable. So is her clone. :lol:

Thanks very much! She is a spoon child - alongside her now-established clone -, and we all appreciate her in this household. Also, I totally need to binge The Simpsons again - I stopped at season 3 the last time!

I'm so sorry for the delay, my dudes! I implied in the previous post (that I published myself) that I'd be updating a few hours after with the good news, but unfortunately the image hosting service I was using decided to crap out on me. :( It's working again, so we're back in action! And I can't wait to tell you everything that went down last night. :D

As Harry (iD L) and Koko (m!x) are asleep and have not evolved, I will not cover them during this continuation post of sorts. Now then - let's get logging!


Pac-Man Nano, or, PM Nano

In the early evening hours, I was greeted by a mysterious package - and inside this mysterious package lay the answer to all of life's questions.

IMG-5095.png IMG-5096.png
I love the packaging design - though I miss the arcade cabinet shape of it from the previous Toy Fair.

Our legendary Nano is here! I mean, it's not that legendary, it was on sale for $10 (usually $40!) and I'd been eyeing the listing for months! I couldn't handle myself, I just had to pick it up. I chose the yellow shell over the black, as I've already got a black Tamagotchi (that being my V4.5), and I currently do not own a yellow one! :) They are quite hard to come across, actually. Also, it makes it resemble the original arcade cabinet! Which is cool. Missed opportunity to reference it more, though. :( Then again...

...The packaging was tiny - and so was the Tamagotchi. I know Nano is in the name, but seriously. It's small.

Doesn't look that tiny in the photos I take! That tab is as thin as my pinkie, even the circular part.

I have no idea how the paint job is so precise. I know it's probably, well, not hand-painted at the very least! But still. It's small. Those with big fingers, watch the buttons.

Here are some size comparisons because I am still in awe for some reason:

IMG-5098.png IMG-5099.png

First photo is the Nano compared to my iD L (Harry), the second photo is the Nano compared to both my original 1997 English P2 (which is already small compared to the connections!!!) and the iD L.

I seriously can't say this enough. It's babey. It looks like a McDonald's toy I would've had as a kid, and we gave our collection away yeeeaaars ago. It's as thick as any of my colour Tamagotchis - even the 4U. I'm not kidding. And the 4U is known for being the biggest boy of them all thanks to that stupid NFC chip!

I have never been this hysterical over a Tamagotchi before, not even when I got my princess spacey iD L (my first colour!) all those years ago and gawked at how big it was compared to the tiny, thin connections I was running at the time. It is pure insanity. I should not be this surprised over something that is as big as a watch faceplate. Possibly smaller depending on the size of your own watch. I CAN'T HANDLE THIS I--

Either way, there was no time to sit and stare at this tiny itty-bitty baby of a 'gotchi - we had a tama to hatch!

Look!!! Egg.

Once I pulled out the tab, I heard this lovely little start-up tune (almost identical to the start from the original Pac-Man) alongside a message saying 'READY!' (which is a straight-up reference to the start of the OG Pac-Man), and was asked to set the time. It took me to the most adorable clock screen. It looks like a sleeker version of the connection's very own clock screen, with bright and bold numbers + a huge AM/PM sign right above. I noticed instantly that the pitch of the device was very high, as high as the connection V5/Familitchi (which is known for being an ear-teasing screech fest). This was obviously done to match the pitch of the original arcade game's songs and sound effects - it's a touch higher than the V5, and a lot higher than the connections (the earlier devices being the most low-pitched) to compensate.

Though the Pac-Man Nano isn't actually the highest-pitch Tamagotchi out there, actually. No, that wonderful honor goes to the vintages, and by wonderful I mean AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA--


Suddenly, our little Tamagotchi hatched! We were met with a Shirobabytchi:

Look at that blank stare. It knows.

This means I get category A of the seven tamagotchis available to raise on this device - specifically, Mametchi, Ginjirotchi, Maskutchi and Kuchipatchi are available to be obtained, alongside their Pac-Man riding alts! How exciting. I wish I got category B (ft. Mimitchi, Pochitchi, and Zuccitchi, still no Nyatchi and I am upset), as I've always preferred the P2 characters in general as opposed to the P1 selections on this device.

Anyway, I still haven't named our little Pac-Man friend at the time of writing. Let's go with Astro!

Pressing the C button when there's nothing else on-screen activates the Close Up! Your tama also does this when loading a minigame.

Isn't Astro a cutie?

I'll give you a quick guide, as the last few photos I took are more or less prime opportunity:

Watch out Pac-Man-- oh no, he can't hear us, PAC-MAN NO--

When you press the A button when you're chillin' with your tama, it will bring up two options - meal and game. Meal offers a rice bowl as a meal, and a pair of cherries as a snack! What a neat reference.

The games aren't easy to capture on camera, as they're very fast paced - the first, 'Pac Game', features Pac-Man having to switch in-between three lanes to eat as many pellets as he can while avoiding the annoying little ghosts that constantly screw up his day (poor Pac-Man :P). The second game, 'Catch Game', features a close-up screen of Pac-Man as he navigates a maze of sorts, trying to eat food and pellets while also avoiding ghosts. I don't like the latter game that much, but I did get a photo:

Pac-Man has become trapped in the void. Pay up or he dies.

It's not a very good photo, either way.

Anyway, that's around all you can actually get up to, besides the occasional ghost chase (one of which I woke up to this morning, more on that next post), in which you press the A button if you see a pesky lil' ghost trying to summon the end of all worlds (or, the 256 bug, which is such a cool reference but apparently terrifying to experience according to others), with Pac-Man coming to the rescue! Lil' Paccy-Waccy's like a surrogate guardian, as he constantly cameos on this version. That's so sweet! What a hero.

As it's already the 2nd down here, a new post will come shortly (if my image service doesn't short out again) covering the rest of the gang, and maybe Astro. The screen of the Nano is so deep inside, so the shell casts a shadow over the top depending on your light source. Not the most photographic tama, but we can manage!

Next post: The Puck-Men have risen... now what? Astro destroys the Pac-Maze. Koko gets revenge against that one squirrel guy who keeps pulling her out of the house to roast some food by roasting him instead (the m!x's seasonal events are weird, yo). Harry crank-calls for the first time, and breaks down over the morality of his actions.

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A lot of things happened between last night and today! No cool paragraph to introduce you all (though I did purchase a new record today :D), it's tama time! And a huge post to boot! Let's get logging!


iD L


Harry evolved into the star-shaped teen, Bokuhoshitchi! I didn't get a photo of him during the day, however - it only takes the iD L another 24 hours until the teen stage is over.

That night, as I mentioned before, I was caught up with a ton of stuff - and not only did I neglect Harry...

IMG-5120.png IMG-5121.png
I guess the shyness sorta fits.

...He evolved into Gozarutchi! Who is also the worst-care adult from Bokuhoshitchi's group. Oops.

The lighting in these photos isn't too great, but I managed to take some time out to care for Harry. To celebrate, similar to London, we decided to go clothes shopping! That, and maybe we'd find a Tamatomo Stamp that way.

I almost forgot to mention - remember the toy seed we planted a few posts ago? We ended up growing a cane! That's right, a golden cane with an adorable red ribbon. (I didn't get a photo of that.) It ended up chasing Harry around the house, and he was not happy:

If you can't see it: The cane is top-right to the second window of the submarine. Harry is sulking in the left corner.

Many magical items, like cards and roses (Tuxedo Mask??), followed the cane around as it chased poor Harry. He should be used to weird things like this! After all, he is... named after a fictional wizard.

Anyway, back to the clothes shopping - we first got a graduation hat:

IMG-5127.png IMG-5129.png 
The signs keep adding up. When did Harry graduate, anyway?

It wasn't a Tamatomo item, but he liked it anyway. I think it's because it made him look tall...

I also got him a cute little tux! Though you can barely see it thanks to the combination of lighting and Gozarutchi's outfit colour in general:

IMG-5131.png IMG-5132.png
He is a snazzy tama.

I ended up removing the graduation cap - now he is just a fancy Gozarutchi.

He is a snazzy tama who forgot to graduate.

I decided that if it wasn't accessories, then the answer lied in food!! We decided to go out and treat ourselves.

We went to the restaurant for a nice meal... and the first dish seemed to resonate with Harry a lot!

IMG-5138.png IMG-5140.png
Feet off the table!

After the familiar tune kicked in, it was confirmed - this was Harry's first Tamatomo stamp.

Harry looks a bit awkward next to that blindingly-happy flower.

Nothing else of importance happened that night, and Harry went to bed happy as can be.



Nothing much happened today with Harry either. I snapped a better picture of him in his tuxedo:

The imagery - that, being a tuxedo-wearing ninja alien in-front of a yellow submarine - is unparalleled.

I did pick up a new item for him this morning - that being the Ninja Scroll! A guaranteed second stamp for Harry was bound to come.

Thus as follows:

IMG-5175.png IMG-5178.png

As Harry began to unravel the scroll... suddenly, out of nowhere, shurikens started flying at him! He was freaking out, but then out of nowhere Kuinotchi appeared, cleaning the mess up alongside a tama I presume to be his sensei.

With enough determination, Harry was able to avoid the ninja stars this time... by turning into a block of wood!!!

IMG-5184.png IMG-5187.png
Ninjas are weird, man.

And everything was happy once again.

Two stamps down - two more to go!


PM Nano


Yesterday... when all my troubles seemed so far away. Great song aside, Astro evolved!

The first tama everyone will get on this version, I guarantee it.

Astro is now Mametchi! I didn't actually get to witness their evolution, as I was caught up with other stuff, but I was pretty happy to see them bopping about as the famous Tamagotchi mascot.

The ghosts keep coming by and asking them to join their forces against Pac-Man, but considering the latter practically raised them, Astro always ends up refusing. Then they chase them and it's annoying and I keep asking them to lock the Pac-Maze but they always forget!

At least they're cute.

I find it interesting how they used Mametchi's vintage sprites in combination with their close-up from the Connection models... though the V1 and V2 did the same, now that I think about it. I still think their main Connection sprite would've looked adorable, but it was definitely for nostalgia purposes, no doubt. Since when does Bandai ever acknowledge the best black and white tamas? (subjective, i love the vintages)



Nothing else has really happened today. The ghosts keep door-knocking and threatening to bring the end of all worlds, but Pac-Man's not having any of it. I'll have to get a picture of it next time! When Pac-Man chases the pesky lil' ghost (I'd like to think Clyde, who forgot to leave the maze after-hours and just really wants some food. Poor Clyde...), the famous sound effect plays. But you have to catch the ghost chasing your tamagotchi in the act first - and it's only told to you visually, from what I know your tama does not beep for help. :( Be careful, Astro!!


(spacey) m!x


Lots of exciting things happened with Koko! Including, but not limited to, both her teen and adult stage evolutions!

Here she is as a teen:

Penguin child.

It's Tororitchi! With a gaudy pair of Mame ears to boot. I may have changed the town theme, but those stupid ears just wouldn't go away.

Like her mother before her, Koko was a social butterfly - her favourite place to hang was over in Berry Town!

IMG-5145.png IMG-5146.png
Building some cool buildings with building blocks. Let me have a boy already, I wanna get some gal features!!!

Here she is with Decotchi! What cuties.

She even met up with that weird squirrel guy who keeps pulling her out of the house to roast some cool Japanese foodstuffs:

 IMG-5149.png IMG-5150.png IMG-5151.png
Wait, I thought Koko roasted him...

All in all, an eventful time.

And that's not all...



Today, Koko evolved! And that town theme really did work, because...

IMG-5192.png IMG-5189.png
Bigger photos just for Koko + resolution's sake.

She's literally just a blue Kuchipatchi! (paging an old TamaTalk user...)

Her eyes don't seem to be related to any other previous tama in her family, so it's probably a 'default' trait that can be used in place of not really having a fitting set of eyes. Either way, the ears were demolished completely - Koko is a blue baby bean. And we all love her. :wub:

Either way, poor Koko was being the most neglected out of all three over these past few days -- on the m!x, it's hard to keep your tama happy and look after at least two others. Sadly to say, I've taken the batteries out of the m!x as to lessen the load. It was a short romp, but it was fun to revisit one of my favourite versions. Who knows? Maybe one day we'll see Koko on this log again. :DFor now, this blog remains the adventures of Harry and Astro, both on the opposite sides of the care spectrum. XD Will I stay true to the blog's title and keep the iD L running in future posts to come? Who knows. It's the excitement of never really knowing what's going to come next! Of course, that doesn't apply to this blog, because...

Next post: The record that warbles in pitch! Astro gets caught in the rain. Harry auditions for a talent show and breaks a leg (tearing his precious tuxedo in the process).

Edited by Tamacass
double photo!! :O
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5 hours ago, Tamacass said:

Here she is as a teen:

Penguin child.

I approve. 🐧

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Welcome back everyone!!! Lots of things have once again happened! I'm getting rid of the use of dates as it's a bit too much to keep track of - totally on my part! Let's get logging!


iD L

A few days ago, we discovered that the people we stole borrowed the yellow submarine from wanted it back, so we had to renovate. We chose the default room:

IMG-5223.png IMG-5225.png
I mean, Harry doesn't seem too bothered about it.

It gave me a flush of nostalgia - this room hosts many happy memories from when I first got my iD L. ^_^

From there on out, Harry obtained the rest of his stamps:

IMG-5234.png IMG-5235.png
Shhh, you're just seeing things, his happiness is totally full and I'm not neglectful in the slightest.

Turns out Harry's Tamatomo accessory was the Afro item. I went through so many hats trying to figure out what he liked! Thank goodness for the evening market at the park, you can sell back your items/clothing/etc for a good price.

Finally, his picture was saved in the memory book. If you get four Tamagotchis in the memory book, you unlock a new location to travel too! What location? It's a secret ;) ...wait no don't search it up pl--

This isn't the memory book, he's attempting to make contact. Don't look into his eyes.

Now that Harry was memorized probably forever, it was now time... for marriage.

On the iD L, your 'gotchi can get married when it turns 5 (48 hours of being an adult), meaning you can marry them off before they can obtain their 72-hour stamp. However, this means they won't be memorized in the memory book > unlocking new locales > bonus cutscenes after the marriage/fireworks animation. Two out of three, folks.

Anyway... marriage time. We headed down to the date place to score Harry a cool gal he can love forever. :D

IMG-5240.png IMG-5241.png
Ahh, to love young... and instantly, too. Woah.

You can choose from three lucky(??) girls/boys when you get there, and we chose Watawatatchi! They fell in love instantly... aww. ;A;

Now here's those bonus scenes I won't shut up about!


The fireworks appear even if you don't have all the stamps, don't worry (I think I'm the only one who's worried, actually).

IMG-5243.png IMG-5245.png
Look at those flowers. I never understood if they had noses or what. Anyway, check out the size of that ring! That could be a gaudy necklace on these guys.

First, a date to the park! Then a proposal at the restaurant... this is still cute to me even seven years later.

For those not in the know, TAMAX-TV is featured as a location in the 2009 anime, where the character Lovelitchi works as an idol!

Then, finally, a date/honeymoon(?) at TAMAX-TV. Very cute indeed! I've always loved Gozarutchi's blushing sprite, it's so weird and over-the-top that it just circles back to cute. XD


Harry and Watawatatchi had a lovely baby girl! I named her Naru.

IMG-5254.png IMG-5255.png
This scene always makes me sad--!

Finally, it was time for Harry to leave. He entrusted Naru with me, and after one more goodbye, left with his wife to live a new life back home. Let's wish Harry the best of success!! ;A;

As I update this log, Naru has already become an adult! But before we focus on our lovely little gal...


PM Nano

Great news involving Astro!

IMG-5201.png IMG-5206.png

I finally got a photo of them being chased by a ghost attempting to bring the end of all wor-- Wait, hold on...

IMG-5263.png IMG-5264.png
Look at them go!.

...Here we are! Now this is great news:

Astro evolved(???) into the secret character, Mametchi Riding Pac-Man! Which is a stupid name, but the implications of Mamepactchi is probably more horrifying. Anyway, it's not that hard for each of the tamas obtainable on this version to evolve into their Pac-Man riding alter-egos, and it barely took a few days before Astro gained permission to have a permanent piggyback. Aww. I really do love how Pac-Man is a surrogate father on this Tamagotchi, it's lovely!

It's funny though, when your tama gets chased by a ghost as this form, they're still riding Pac-Man - but when you step in and stop it, it's only Pac-Man who's chasing the ghost! The happiness screen is still your tama on their own, so it's really just an idle sprite change. A bit disappointing, but the novelty is too stupid and fantastic to pass up at the same time. My favourite part of the Mametchi form is how they throw their hand up during their walking animation, as if they're riding Pac at a rodeo show! Go get 'em, Astro!


iD L (again)

Back to Naru:

The lighting in this pic is really weird. The screen looks as if it's been submerged! We don't even have the submarine anymore!

Soon after Harry was married off, Naru evolved into Rolltchi! The day after, she evolved into Hineonetchi, but I didn't get a picture of her in this form. I've been busy once more, so my poor iD L keeps getting neglected. ;w;

Finally, this morning she evolved into:


Nachuratchi! I don't think I've ever obtained her on the iD L, so I'm pretty happy to finally see a new face when possible. Her name also fits! Naru = Nachuratchi! Amazing.

She's quite a cutie - look at that camera in her hair! Or is it a hat? That answer is soon to come, but first, I wanted to help her with her Tamatomo Stamps - and I wanted to do it as fast as possible.

Lucky for us, it was quite easy getting three of her "item" stamps - and first was a snack at the bakery:

Pie!!! Her little camera flashes when she's happy. Adorable--!

It was an entire pie! I have no idea how she managed to eat it all, but she was happy in an instant, so there was no complaining from me.

Next was an accessory! Naru and I purchased something from the Tamamori Shop I thought would look good on her:

The only reason tamagotchis wear hats is so they can look taller, trust me. I know how it feels.

And it did! I'd say the green messy 'do upon her head (as well as her camera) is her hair judging by this photo, as you can see the ends of it below the (admittedly-ugly, but don't tell Naru I said that) flower hat on top of her head. Though that doesn't solve the camera mystery - I'd have to put a tiara/a smaller accessory on her head in order to see, which I have no interest in doing because I am strictly against proving hypothesizes. (or something like that.)

Now that Naru had two stamps, it was time for her final - so I took a chance and gave her a toy I'd grown out of a seed off-blog, the Ocarina!

I am so sorry about the picture.

And it worked - Naru loved it! Which I didn't expect at all! She played with servants of the Tamagotchi King, who are either all Zelda nerds or just really good at playing an instrument originating from Earth. Who knows.

Look at that bar!

Rejoice! All of Naru's three non-growth stamps had been obtained, and from what I recall under ten minutes as well! And I still had a ton of gotchi points left over - we had tried a few snacks before we found Naru's favourite.

Now we're all caught-up! Naru and Astro are doing great, though I have no idea how long Astro's gonna be staying here for. I'm kind of neglecting them as we speak (I'm so sorry!) just to see what happens, as I've been quite attentive to them (as you most-likely know, Nanos are much easier to care for than iD Ls - being the smaller and extremely simplified version of the two) ever since I first got the Pac-Man Nano. I know there's a few endings to the PM Nano, so I'm just wondering what'll happen now that I've obtained arguably the best character on the version period. How exciting!!

Next post: Naru goes to a concert - featuring a familiar music star from a previous log I did earlier in the year -, and proceeds to start an extremely-successful moshpit boycott once she learns photos are banned. Astro and their foster father also attend, and make the shocking discovery that the ghosts have given up their ghostly ways in favor of becoming back-up dancers. Flashbacks to the first Pac-Man World ensue.

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grammatical changes
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Just a quick update today! Not much has happened at all, in fact I've barely had to pay attention to Naru and Astro all day. Let's get... logging?

I won't bother separating into sections, as I literally only have one photo - that being the iD L - here with me:

I wish Mimitchi was obtainable on the original iD L. 15th Anniversary ones are so rare nowadays!

It's Naru painting Mimitchi's portrait! How cute. The animation lasted for quite a while, so I wondered if it also counted as one of Nachuratchi's Tamatomo Stamps. Doesn't make a difference now, but some 'gotchis can have more than three item-category stamps depending on which one they grow up to be. It's not too common, though.

Not much has happened with Astro on the Pac-Man Nano. I've been neglecting them all day, not enough to kill them but only so I can get the good/departure ending if possible. There's a part of me that doesn't want to reset the device itself, despite the fact that the PM Nano doesn't count your generations + you don't get anything special for keeping your save all this time. I even encountered the 256 bug (taken directly from level 256 and earlier from the original Pac-Man arcade game), which happens when you let your tama get chased by ghosts for long enough. And by long enough, I mean actual hours! This unfortunately yields no pictures for today, as poor Astro was getting chased all day long. :(

I've never had a Tamagotchi version so lenient - at least I know which one to run if life gets busy. :D Before that it was always one of my duplicate V5s, which was my most low-maintenance Tamagotchi until a week ago. Interesting times! Other than this *amazing* discovery, I don't have much else to say. Let's see if I can post everyday!! >w<

Next post: The ghosts won't stop bothering me about their so-called 'food crisis', look, I don't care if you're only haunting Pac-Man just to beg for a decent meal, I want you all out! Meanwhile, Naru finds true love, and a new lens cap for the camera in her... head? Hat? Anyway, cool adventures and more only on... uh... this log, which now owns the exclusive rights to both the previous praise and you, the reader, as a whole. Run for your life.

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It's always a sad night when you see listings you'll never be able to get your grubby little hands on - curse eBay's bidding system! Ah well. Whoever manages to score those NIB and used V4s has my blessing, they're starting cheap and I already know they're gonna go for prices I really cannot afford. Such is the life of a Tamagotchi collector! But you're not here to hear me mope, and neither am I. I'll get lucky one day! That, and I already have a few rare 'gotchis in my collection - though it's all up to artificial scarcity, as is with most Tamagotchi listings these days. Even then, I can't feel too bad, as I've still got bragging rights and this entire log is named after one of them! Let's get logging!

...Ah, right, it's been a while. If you're following this blog in real-time, anyway. For those from the future, I'm honoured to see you here! But just to catch you all up to speed - and many things have happened -, here's a recap of what's been happening on my end following Naru and Astro:


iD L

Many exciting things have happened following Naru's evolution into adulthood! Let's dig in, starting with:


Great news!! Naru eventually obtained all her Tamatomo stamps!

To celebrate, we moseyed off to the date place and secured Naru a sweetheart to call her own:

Romantic times...

She got engaged to this painter crown-wearing guy! There's a lot of forgettable male characters on the iD L, unfortunately. I think I raised this guy once years ago, before proceeding to rip the batteries out.

I was not a happy gal.

IMG-5299.png IMG-5300.png
Fireworks and proposal, as is commonplace for a Tamatomo-stamped tama.

Yada yada yada, I don't need to explain the cutscenes this time, the fireworks are still iconic and Naru was very happy!!

After a minute or so:

IMG-5302.png IMG-5303.png
Do you think hatching out of an egg takes force, or is it really easy to do?? I never thought about it, honestly.

It was another girl! Pardon the secret, totally-not-forced musical reference - I named her Daisy.

After some (very little) bonding time, it then came for Naru to say goodbye. A quick wave, and she + her husband were off back to Tamatown! At least I think Tamatown. Could be anywhere on good ol' Tamagotchi Planet.

See you space creature...

Thanks to Naru earning all her Tamatomo stamps - thus being the fourth tamagotchi to qualify for the memory book -, we unlocked a new location! Specifically, the Henshin Jo/Tailor, which is a place where you can take your Tamagotchi to to transform them into their own special form! It's mainly just for aesthetic, but it's still a cute option. It only applies to adult-stage tamas though, and transformations require an item or an accessory -- some being download-exclusive items, which can only be obtained if you have a device with an irDA port... ugh. Complicated times. Basically, it's just the predecessor to some of the Pierces you can get for the Tamagotchi P's, and the transformations found on the 4U. All are cosmetic, so you're not missing out on much if you choose just to ignore this feature. It's still cool though, and I haven't seen the Henshin Jo since my first run back in 2013 (iirc), so it's a nice blast from the past!

Anyway, I don't currently have a photo on me, but Daisy eventually evolved into Violetchi/Flowertchi (I use the former!)! She's a cutie, but unfortunately my iD L has been on pause for the past week or so. Depending on whether or not I'm still busy, she should be un-paused by tomorrow! :D


PM Nano

My plan to neglect Astro worked! In fact, it worked a little too well - they ended up running away, granting me the neutral ending. Oops. I didn't get a photo of the leaving screen, either. :(

Soon after, I raised a Babytchi (part of egg group B, featuring Mimitchi, Pochitchi and Zuccitchi!), and in my efforts to gain Pochitchi I ended up with Zuccitchi instead - just like what happened with my 1997 P2s the first time I ran them. (for those coming from A Typical Tamagotchi Log, that was in-fact the fate of the P2 twins that I never enclosed. Whoops.) So I tabbed the Nano, and it's been stored inside my so-called collection cabinet ever since.

As such, this post ends my first run of the Pac-Man Anniversary Nano! It was a very fun Tamagotchi, and my first Nano variant (I don't even own a Nano myself). The low-maintenance factor was an appealing aspect, but also worked to the device's detriment - there just isn't that much to do once your 'gotchi goes adult. It's probably why I love the V4 and the devices proceeding it so much - it's high-maintenance, but it's also really fun to sink your time into and watch it grow into a hardworking little Tamagotchi of your own! (though that does take away more of the 'pet' factor, which may be a con for those who love the vintages). It's entirely my own subjective opinion - I grew up on the Connections, thus I'm more used to high-maintenance devices with a lot more to do, plus something that connects (ha) generations together, something both the vintages and the Nanos lack - you just have to wait until it gets up and kicks the bucket. I mean, you can develop a more personal and emotional connection with said tama, but I'm too spoiled by later versions of Tamagotchi to see that!

There is still a great deal to be had in the Pac-Man Nano's simplicity though! It's good for when I don't have time for my Connections or colors, but it's just missing that one extra spark. What is it? I'm not entirely sure myself. Maybe it's the second game, I don't like it all that much. :P Jokes aside, this is a wonderful little Tamagotchi, and one I can see myself coming back to. ^_^


Next post: with the Nano retired, what now? Will our unreasonable, unscheduled blogger ever replace the void left by Pac-Man: The New Adventures (in adopting weird alien creatures)? Meanwhile, Daisy sees a crack in the sky and a hand reaching down to h-- wait, that's just me. Sorry.

Edited by Tamacass
grammar!!!!! >A<
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      Here is a picture of her wandering around at age 5 (if anyone has suggestions for a better photo hosting service, let me know lol). I'll try to get pictures of her doing some of her other activities along the way.

    • By LoversChariot
      OH THIS SEEMS VERY CUTE???? I never did these tamagotchi logs on here as a kid omg I’ll just share all my ramblings here then so I don’t clog up the status update feed 🤣
      AIGHT SO FOR CONTEXT I have this famitama which was like my absolute pride and joy as a kid and I was going to sell it but I popped in a battery just to “test” it and then I was like oh hey this is in japanese & it probably uses rly basic japanese too bc kids toy soooo tldr now I’m raising a family DHDJFKGL
      ANYWAYS here’s them as babies from yesterday

      ARENT THEY CUTE THEYRE SO BABY so I named the family かみしろ (typing the hiragana to get used to it) bc I didn’t know what to pick but I saw a pic of rui kamishiro from pjsekai so that’s what I chose hdjffkgl
      Uhh two are girls and one is a boy im p sure?? They’re all very cute lmao so they grew into toddlers last night and here’s them now

      CUTE BABIES ok I think that’s it for now the word of the day is おやつ which means snack according to google translate which makes sense bc when I clicked on that it showed a lollypop LOL OK BYEEEE HOPEFULLY ILL UPDATE THIS
    • By U N I V E R X S E
      Hi I’m going to restart doing a log after not being here for a year. Anyhoo, I still have the same Tamagotchi white color on :). I’ll update later
    • By iTamannadi
      Hello everyone and welcome to my log! 
      I would like to start this log by saying happy new year to all of you and wish you all the best in 2021. I'm sure last year was rough and we all struggled during the unexpected pandemic so please stay strong and safe because clearly the fight is not over, and I hope that this year is going to be the end of it and a beginning for all good things.  
      As you can see from the title that I'm going to log here about my Magical Witch and the Devilgotchi which I am so excited about and for some reason worried at the same time! I will be logging while I'm exploring these two fascinating toys and yes it took me SO long playing with them for what is going on in world, but the time has finally come and I hope you guys will enjoy this post. 
      So today is the day that I finally decided to put some batteries into my new evil babies and the excitement I felt when I turned them on! 
      Starting with the Devilgotchi:
      when I removed the tab I immediately saw to what appears to be  like a smoke that lasted for a few seconds until the bat showed up as you can see below:

      the bat just kept flying and flashing for about 2-3 minutes and then it evolved to Deviltchi:

      a new Devil is born, without really realizing the consequences of raising a devil has just begun! 😈
      I took sometime figuring out the menu and of course fed him and tried to fill his both Hunger and Happy meter. Right after that I played the 'Catch' game, all you have to do is throw a star for your devil to catch it. You need to collect 4 stars in each round to win. As far as I know the game doesn't end unless you press C or lose but I'm not sure about that. 
      I actually spent good amount of time playing the game until... he.. slept during one of the rounds and made a very evil sound, not gonna lie I was caught off guard when I saw him sleeping and then suddenly he started smiling while the screen was inverting. Took me a while when I realized that this is him being mischievous and he wouldn't let me continue playing! By that time he stopped doing it so when I went and checked his Devil Power or DP is increased to 50, that means 10 more points were added because I didn't take any action quicker! 
      After that happened I thought I need to keep an eye on this little devil because I'm not allowing this to happen again, so I did that and made sure that every time he misbehaved and tried to be mischievous I will discipline him which is exactly what happened  
      This is him being naughty and not allowing me checking his health status after he beeped: 

      that was the only time I was able to take a pic of how often and quickly he will pull pranks on me which makes me laugh every time I see him sabotaging the games, not allowing me to check his status or even rejecting the food when he calls for it!  
      That helped me reduce his Devil Power a lot a long with 'Shaking Hands' with him. Randomly he will beep while looking at me and giving me a lovely little evil smirk which basically means that he is being friendly and wants peace:

      Ultimately, all I want to trigger is a 'Good End' and a good looking character when he reaches his final stage, all that can be done if I manage to discipline him and make sure the friendship level between us is good. Only time could tell we should just wait and see...
      The Magical Witch:
      After inserting the batteries oh my I couldn't believe I'm actually starting my very first Magical Witch that happens to be the air witch, also called Baluluna. After setting the time I waited for about 5 minutes to finally have my witch arrive! Also I would like to say that the animation is beautiful when there is a moon on the side of the screen that keeps rotating until your witch arrive, thought that was a perfect intro that suits the theme of the toy  

      She was hungry and wasn't feeling well (as she should be I mean who take 5 minutes to show up) I fed her some seeds and snacks to fill her meters up.
      After settling her down, I went and searched about mixing the ingredients to create potions because that's what Magical Witches are about, using magic to either curse or cure another witch. I tried the first time mixing the very first potion that you can make and things did not turn out well...

      the first attempt as you can see above didn't end well, while using the mixing bowl my witch looked funny when suddenly the potion exploded at her haha! She looked a bit sick and it took me a lot of time to actually figure out how to cure her from the explosion and turned out one of the seeds she has in store can actually cure her but needed to be used multiple times. I decided to give her a break for few minutes and go for another try one more time. This time she did well by mixing the ingredients well and we got what we wanted for our very first mix which is mushrooms:

      Each time you successfully mix the ingredients you will get three pieces from the same mix. I gave my witch another break and made sure she is fed and healthy before going for the second potion she has to make. 
      The second mix went very well and it took only one attempt:

      As can be seen, the second item she obtained is a broom, which will help us obtain the third item/food that we will try to mix tomorrow.  
      Paying attecntion to her MP or Magical Power could give us a really good results with the witch behavior and how well she could produce different mixtures, if there's another witch involved that will help it increase even faster but we should be alright with just one.
      The End:
      That was all it for today, I personally am enjoying them both equally and I believe the more is yet to come. Although my Devil keeps beeping while it's asleep as I'm writing this it beeped more than 5 times (now it's 3am where I live) I've always loved the fact that you need to take care of a Devil and that didn't disappoint especially that I have terrible history with vintage tamagotchis but this one is different I can tell.  The Magical witches don't necessarily function as a Tamagotchi but they do look alike. For example the icons are similar, the buttons and how they respond is the same and I think the overall it's simpler gameplay wise. Definitely excited to see what we can do tomorrow so stay tuned.  
      this is the end of today's log, hope you guys enjoyed it please feel free to comment about anything.