My tamagotchi will not grow up!

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My tamagotchi on will not grow up it remained a child this morning and it was supposed to evolve like usual but it now will not evolve. 

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Hello, and welcome to the forums! :) 

Unfortunately, it sounds like you've encountered the Peter Pan glitch, where your Tama will not evolve :( You might want to reference this topic as there was a user recently that had the same problem you did: https://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/198803-tamagotchi-on-glitch/

Unfortunately, there aren't too many things you can try doing to actually fix this glitch apart from letting your Tama die and hatching a new egg (don't Reset All, you will lose everything! By hatching an egg, at least you keep your locations, items, and gotchi points). Before that though, try these ideas maybe it unglitches it:

-'Some Tama collectors have tried messing with the clock to fix the glitch-- they turn the clock to 6:59am, put in completely new batteries, then start the Tama. They leave the time at 6:59, and wait a few hours... sometimes, the Tama grows up! I have never tried this, but I think it's totally worth a shot'

-You can also try putting your Tama in the official App and out again maybe that will unglitch the growth counter. I would wait a total of 48 hours (i.e. passing the wake up time at 7am twice) before resorting to letting it die, maybe it fixes itself.

-Final thing, this is usually frowned upon though, see if you can find an older version of the MyMeets unofficial app, the old version let you marry your Tama even if it's not an adult yet. This comes with risks though as you can inherit corrupt genes (like a Tama with no eyes for example). Maybe someone else could pitch in with some more info on the exact old version required (currently MyMeets is on V2.3.6 which from what I've heard doesn't let you marry unless you're an adult anymore to avoid the risk of getting corrupt genes, so I don't know which was the version that still supported non-adult marriages).

Don't worry, your device isn't broken, it's just a glitch for this current gen. Once you get a new egg (either by letting the Tama die and pressing A + C, or marrying through the old version of the MyMeets app as mentioned above, your Tama should unglitch).

Wishing you the best of luck! :) 

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Ok would probably let her die with a toothache and thanks  for the help! 😀

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Messed up
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