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I have two tamagotchi ons coming in soon, is there any tips I should know before I start one? I'm really excited and just want to get an idea of what to expect! Thanks!! :]

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I am not sure what Tamagotchis you have already had experiences with, but when you start playing, you will have to unlock locations that your Tama can visit. There are plenty of guides online, they are meant to be unlocked as you play. One location will require a second Tamagotchi, so it's great that you have two coming in. What versions did you get? 

You can also use a mobile app to connect with other Tamagotchis and marry them. There is an arcade with not very exciting games (in my opinion) that you can play for rewards and Tamacoins. There is also a monthly (I think monthly) Tamagotchi that comes in that you can have the chance to marry. Right now, it's Pumpkitchi for Halloween! 

I hope you enjoy your Tamagotchi and if you have any questions, please ask me! I just shared some basic knowledge you should know for the best experience. I think these versions are pretty awesome and mine is beside me right now with fraternal twins!

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Hello, and welcome to the forums :D

You need to do 2 infrared connections to unlock a location called the Sports Plaza, and you can do this since you have 2 ONs coming. When you start the 2nd one, as soon as it evolves into a child, make it connect with your first Tama ON, this will count as your first connection, then reset the 2nd one, input your username and birthday again, and hatch a new egg. When that one evolves into a child, make your 2nd connection, and you'll unlock the Sports Plaza! :D You can then keep using your Tamas normally from there. To unlock the Sports Plaza on the 2nd ON, just make it Visit the Sports Plaza from your first ON :)

Here are some handy sites with some good info and tips to get you started:

Enjoy your new ONs, they're marvelous!! :lol: 

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      Hello! May I ask if any of you have broken Tamagotchi ONs, and if you’d be willing to sell it? My daughter’s Tamagotchi ON’s front shell got warp really badly, that she is now using it without a front shell. The faceplate is taped to the back shell so it stays in place and she can still use the Tamagotchi. So now I am in search of Tamagotchi ON shells or broken ones so I can use the front shell of the broken one. If you guys could help me out and point me to the right direction, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks for your time!
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      hello, my name is deerboy and after a several decade-long break i have finally gotten back into tamagotchi.
      i no longer have my original tamagotchi (perhaps i'll make a new thread when/if i find it), but i recently - literally just today - got a turquoise tamagotchi on.  turquoise isn't my favorite color, but that was the color Target had on sale so thats the one i got.
      CHAPTER 001
      my daughter, a beautiful bouncing LOVEKOTCHI, hatched around 5:30PM my time (AM in her time, because I am somewhat nocturnal lol) today.  she immediately developed a case of discontented anime facial lines, and because i chose not to read the directions, i struggled for a while to figure out how to clear them up.  fortunately tamas are easy to please, so after enough feeding, playing and photography, they cleared up and i knew how to keep them at bay going forward.
      shortly after hatching she turned into a fluffy CUTEHEARTCHI.  it was a good thing i took baby pictures, since they grow up so fast... however, now that she presumably has legs somewhere underneath all that fluff, its time for her to use them.  after a trip to the in-device shop i realized that we didn't have very much GP and i figured it was time that she take responsibility and get a real job.  its a good thing there are ample employment opportunities for children in the tamagotchi world, and i'm happy to report that she's a natural when it comes to picking up flowers in the in-app park and flipping pancakes in the restaurant.
      as of this writing, she has obtained: 2300GP, 2x FRUITS, CREAM SODA, CHICK HAT, RIBBON, CAT EARS, WIG & GLASSES and BUNNY EARS.  not bad for someone whose 5 hours old!

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      I want to know you're least favorite tamagochi character mine is mametchi.
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      I heard on other tamagotchi websites that Tama ON's have rare pets on the Wondergarden version. This was a thing back in the Connection v3.5 days and for good reason. But looking at the full evo chart for the ON there was no new/rare character, so is this a hoax?
    • By Penguin-keeper
      I had originally felt burned by the Tamagotchi Meets when I first imported it, and I put it aside in irritation without going beyond the first generation. Recently, after enjoying so many Tamagotchi Meets/On logs around here, I felt that it was worth giving it another chance, so I grabbed some good batteries and started over, and soon grew to enjoy the device for what it is. The colour Tamagotchis represent a separate evolutionary line - their structure and gameplay are clearly descended from the Tamagotchi Game Boy game from 1997 - and I find that it helps to keep this in mind. That said, I still prefer the simpler Tamagotchis like the vintage devices and their re-releases, and the more recent Mini and Nano-based releases, as they're less time-consuming.
      So here I am, starting a new log. I have previously found standard logging to be too time-consuming, so my focus here will be pictures of the parents and of their fully-grown offspring. For now, I'll be running my pink Fairy Version Meets, but I'm keeping an eye out to see if any more versions are localised, as I would like to support the English-language On releases, too. I have no interest in using the mobile app, so that won't be featured here, and I'll be skipping the baby, toddler, and teen stages, as I'm most interested in the final results of each pairing. I may also include pictures of new additions to my collection every now and then, such as the upcoming Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Tamagotchi, but I most likely won't be logging those.
      So, without further ado, here's why this log is titled as it is: My first generation Tamagotchi was a male Gozarutchi. I changed his colour to pale yellow by feeding him five lemon pies at the restaurant, and shortly after that I had him marry Lovelitchi. They made a very cute couple!
      I'm actually not the biggest fan of Lovelitchi (I find her to be a bit on the generic-cutesy side), but it was obvious that the two's offspring would grow up to look adorable, and sure enough, they did;

      Here's a picture showing Gozarutchi and Lovelitchi, along with their twin daughters, Lemonitchi and Pietchi - so named because of how recent Gozarutchi's dessert-induced colour-change had been at the time. They both turned out exactly how I expected them to, which was fun. They also both inherited their father's pale yellow colour, even though, at birth, Lemonitchi was yellow and Pietchi was white. The only difference between them as adults is that Lemonitchi's bag is white, and Pietchi's is yellow.
      I'm planning to have Lemonitchi marry Kikitchi sometime tomorrow, so my next update will be once the next generation is fully grown. See you then!
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      I'm starting a new tama log today! Here's a picture of the tama: