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Hi, if I breed to get the pure Violet family is it possible to get the violet family again in the next gen by marrying Violetchi to another Sukatchi?

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I think you still need to have 100% bonding in order to get the pure Violet family again.

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      Since quarentine has happened, I've seen many people make money from making items out of resin. Though I don't want to make money out of this idea, i thought about making tamagotchi shells out of resin.
      After some research, people have been doing so with the newer versions, but only the front part. I've bought some suplies (a silicon mould kit, a 2 part resin kit, a pigment powder set and some glow in the dark pigment set) from the internet and they'll be arriving tomorrow and the actual testing will begin!
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      Help! I keep getting this error when I connect, travel to a town, or go to the park. Anyone know what it means and how to stop it? I keep resetting but it comes back when I try again. 

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      The reason why I’m asking is because I’m trying to get Maskutchi. I’ve been waiting until 2 hearts go down, and yeah. And in the Wiki says I need to have the discipline meter at least 50 percent. I looked at the meter, But I don’t know what how much I need for 50 percent. Is it at least all the way filled or is it half way filled? 
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      I'm a new member of this forum. I'm an italian guy, so sorry for the bad english, but I'm trying my best. You can call me Cisco.
      I had a Tamagotchi Connection V3 when I was a kid, so I bought one a few months ago. I actually like it; it's great, simple and fun. It's a Jungle Camoflage one, it's really cute.
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      So, can you guys help me? I'd really like any suggestion. Thanks!
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      Question about how to achieve the Ninja Family on the Tamagotchi Connection v5. I've neglected the happiness hearts on my adult characters, who are a smart-blended family and with about 90% bond, for nearly 2 days straight, and they have yet to transform into the Ninja Family. Am I doing something wrong? Am I supposed to neglect the happiness hearts of the teen characters and let them age into the Ninja Family, or do adult characters transform into the Ninja Family from neglected happiness?
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