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It's up to the artist. Anyways, I like to draw stick men 'cause they're cute!

And who says they can't do a lot of things?

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    • By Miau
      clay of your choice V-pet of your choice Plastic bag or cling wrap paints, gems, charms, ect. (optional) Lets get started! ੭•̀ω•́)੭̸*✩⁺˚

      To begin, gather up all your supplies. I used what I could find laying around my house. That being: Sculpey III, a V4.5, and a plastic sandwich bag. Sculpey can be hard to deal with, you will need to kneed it quite a bit.

      First! You’ll need to mold your clay into a ball, I used quite a bit so I could rest larger v-pets in it if I wanted to later.
      After its been molded into a ball, you’ll then lay your plastic piece over the sphere and gently press your v-pet into it. From here, you can mold the back, front, sides, or any combination of those for some added support if you’d like.
      Next, you’ll take off the v-pet along with the plastic wrap and smooth out any wrinkles, dents, scratches- whatever ya got- until it’s smooth again. Pop your v-pet in again to make sure you like how it fits still.

      You’ll want to make sure the bottom is flat, so it won’t roll around or wiggle, you want it to be sturdy!
      From here, you can add any extra clay details, I added some little wings and hearts to mine 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆
      Finally, pop it in the oven or let it dry! Once it’s cooled and/or hardened you can get to painting it and adding on charms, paints, gems and any other sort of detail you wish.
      AAAAND all done!!

      Tips and tricks:
      Sculpey and most baked clays like Fimo can get pretty heavy, putting a felt piece under it might help so you don’t scratch furniture! “kids clays” like crayola model magic are cheap, light, and come in lots of colors, but aren’t as durable. if you decide to paint your cradle, put down a white primer. Especially on darker colored clays. it also might be a good idea to use a spray varnish to prevent chipping or flaking. Be creative! This tutorial can serve as a simple base to many other fun designs! In closing: I hope the tutorial worked out for you, good luck and if you have any questions I’d love to help!
      ~ Miau
    • By Layolachi
      Hey guys.
      So ive been looking to learn how to crochet cases for tamagotchis for a while now. Got me some hooks and yarn and i've had a play, but was wondering if there was any good tutorials online, maybe pinterest or on a forum that would help me to get the shape for the case.
      Don't really know what to search on google to be honest and 'tamagotchi case crochet tutorial' turned up nothing. Just anything that might help me learn, i mean i can do the basic stitch and ive made my last case using thick yarn and a big hook and i just added another stitch before i hooked through each hole {I dont know the terminology so i do apologise} and then to close the outer edge i just stitched every second or third hole till it made a nice basket shape. But i want to do some thinner cases using thinner yarn and i wont be able to get away with any bad stitches on this one because you'll be able to see.
      I've put a picture on my log of the ones i've been making with thick yarn, i can kinda hide any mistakes on that one quite easily.
      Urgh, i really want to learn it but i just dont know where to start with it all lol