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Hi! I needed to do my state testing and didn't want my tamagotchi gen 2 distracting me. He is a 17 year old Mimitchi and very well natured but can be annoying. I remembered that I could pause him and pushed the button on the back with a pencil. Now I am done and my beloved tamagotchi is a pulsating egg and I don't know how to unpause him. HELP!

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I am so sorry. You just reset your Tamagotchi. :(

On the Gen 1/Gen 2 (G1/G2) models, you can pause them by going to the clock screen and pressing A + C in tandem. This will pause the clock, and in doing so pause your Tamagotchi. The button on the back of your Tamagotchi does not pause it - it acts as a restart button for your device, deleting your save and, therefore, your Tamagotchi when pressed.

Later Tamagotchis from the Connection V1 (2004) and onwards gives you the option of 'downloading' your Tamagotchi back if you've accidentally reset it, unfortunately the G1 and G2 - being recreations of the original P1 and P2s from 1996 and 1997 respectively - do not.

The only thing you can really do now is raise a new tama. We will all remember your Mimitchi - it sounds like you took really good care of him! ;A;

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You can unpause him by pressing a and b button but I suggest instead of pausing him to set the time back so it is sleeping for when you pause it it will set ageing back and will age much slower

Hope it helps


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