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Knighttchi's Ballad

How to Remove a Tamagotchi Meets/Some/On Faceplate

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After the agony I went through trying to remove my On's faceplate following a tutorial that suggested prying from the front, I found a much better tutorial here. Instead of prying from the front, the Tamagotchi just need to be disassembled and the front half of the shell squeezed, as the link details. It's damage-free and I wish I had this earlier as my On's faceplate is damaged (thankfully, washi tape can hide that).

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Uh if you want to take off a face plate, CAREFULLY OPEN THE BATTERY COMPARTMENT, Take out the batterys, get all screws out of the battery compartment, AND AVOID THE CODE PANELES, If you dont, the code will be messed up, AND WHEN YOU GET TO THE SCREEN (u might wanna take out some stuff CAREFULLY and put them back when you are done) And lastly, take the screen off and take off the face plate protector, enter your face plate, put EVERY THING BACK, screw every thing in and you are done.

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      So I've encountered a few oddities on my (secondhand) Sanrio Meets in the few weeks that I've had it. Anyone else experience any of these?? Or have you experienced any other glitch that's not the reset/peter pan ones?
      1. So the first one I noticed is that sometimes the items in the toy section of the treasure box disappear. And I have definitely not deleted them. Like one time I had a pair of binoculars disappear after my tama took them to the tama hotel (where he played with them with Kuromametchi). Another time a box of sky crayons were just gone one day. Meanwhile all the other toys are sticking around just fine??
      2. The second one is that there is a mysterious, nameless ditto item in the accessories section of the treasure box. It's always the last item in the list and its picture is always the same as the second to last item in the list, but it has a blank where the name of the item should be. I'm afraid to interact with it or try to delete it??
      3. When I first started up the tamagotchi, I put my name as めい (mei). I definitely typed it correctly, and viewed it several times over the course of a week. But one day it changed and now shows that my name is めく (meku). I'm so confused as to how and why this happened??
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      Just a few minutes ago I pressed the C button on my Fairy On - an English Tamagotchi - and my twins (Tingulltchi and Jingulltchi) said this:

      Never before have I seen a whole line of Japanese dialogue on my English On and even though the translation can be rough in places, they've never presented something outside of the Latin alphabet. I wonder if they are actually saying in Japanese what is usually rendered as "hello" normally. I also wonder if this was either a line that was left untranslated - it occurred for me during 9 p.m. on my On's clock - or if it was a side-effect of connecting my On several times with my Pastel Meets - I got the twins on my On up to the highest friendship with my twins on my Meets. I know that the On - and also the Connection Tamagotchis - do recognize and preserve Japanese text as evident by the entries in the friend list for connections with Japanese tamas. So far, none of the other text has changed to Japanese which leans more in favor of this being untranslated dialogue as opposed to glitch dialogue. Has anyone else seen this textbox on his/her On?
      (I put the "Meets" tag in due to character restrictions preventing both searching and categorizing this post as being for the "On".)
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    • By Knighttchi's Ballad
      My Pastel Meets arrived yesterday complete with its packaging and while I was happy about, lingering in the back of my mind was why would someone want to part with such a recent Tamagotchi? Well, I have unfortunately found the answer: it freezes everytime the screen turns on after it's reset. When the screen turns on, the tamagotchi stands frozen in place during its idle animation and while pressing the buttons does cause the accompanying sound effect, eventually they stop responding altogether. And the screen stays frozen like that probably forever since mine never turned off. Reseting the device causes it to act normal till, once again, the screen goes off and then turning it back on causes it to return frozen. Interestingly, it always remains frozen on the last screen that was open - such as the clock screen or outside - rather than returning to inside the house where the standard idle animaton would resume. If the screen does turn off, then the device will act normally which I've discovered is triggered by pressing the reset button.
      Taking this together with further observation of my M!Xes - the previous Tamagotchi version - I conclude the malfunction with my Pastel Meets is that the device is missing the programming that tells it what to do when the screen resumes. On both my Spacy and 20th Anniversary M!X,  I discovered that the idle animation is not programmed to completely restart when the device is activated - as is the case with my On - but rather to resume from the last frame the animation was at when the device turned off. This was no doubt added for immersion to give the allusion that the tamagotchi continued moving off-screen instead of truly turning off. It is, of course, weak immersion since I never noticed it all this time but it does give a more immersive feel if you pay attention and turn the screen on immediately after it goes off, where the animation thus appears seemless. This explains why when I turn my Pastel Meets on, the screen is frozen on the last frame of the idle animation my tamagotchi did instead of being frozen at the start of the animation. It also explains why it freezes on both the clock screen and outside the tama's house rather than returning to inside the house and starting the idle animation.
      I already mentioned the solution to the freezing problem but, since I mentioned it as a detail, it is worth restating again: pressing the reset button causes the screen to turn off and turning it on again with the buttons causes the device to act normally. I theorize that the reason this happens is because the reset button overrides all other commands the device is being given by the programming inside of it and it always tells it to turn off the screen and then reboot which, of course, takes it to the download and clear data screen. For some reason, mine doesn't reboot but instead just turns off which I wonder may be because the programming is stalled and maybe when it recieves the command to turn off, that leads to it then being able to follow the other commands that direct it on how to behave when the screen is turned on again. If I had more programming knowledge, I could probably give a more educated guess if not answer that altogether, since all electronics are essentially machines following scripted directions written in a language the machine can understand.
      It might be worth noting that the solution I had created before I discovered the "reset trick" was simply to connect my Pastel Meets to one of M!Xes or On as I thought this might create a save point so that I wouldn't lose so much progress if I reset my Pastel Meets. I imagine this is actually true as after every connection on the Meets/On, it says that it's "updating" which of course means that it's saving data. This probably is not a good longterm solution as I would only have control during the narrow window where the device first reboots and I'd maybe have to leave it for a long time in sleepmode to reach its natural save points and then I'd have to reset it again. Or perhaps by that time I would have found out where it made all of it's natural save points and planned accordingly - whereupon it might make more sense to get a refund. I did buy it from Japan You Want and I can totally understand why they thought it was functioning fine because, oddly, none of these freezing problems happened in the baby stage - possibly because the baby stage has so much going on.