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so I recently bought an IDL and I want to download some custom stuff.

im just a bit confused oh how to do that- I found some files to download but there just images...??? is that right?? also ive seen a couple places saying something about usb connection. do I need one if all I have is a laptop to connect to? if so could you recommend one ;)

anyway thank you for any help :D 

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You may want to ask who made them to make sure you get the files with no issues! I assume there has to be some sort of credits somewhere with the files.

Edit: Hello again, I did a tiny bit of research and actually found guides and tutorials on how to download the content into your iDL.

 In my response to the topic below there are two links I think they will help you. Also if you search about the iDL I’m sure you will find even more info. ;) 


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Found the solution
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16 minutes ago, Gaia_tamagotchi said:

thank you for your help @iTamannadi !!!!! ❤️

You are welcome! ^_^

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