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This is my kuromametchi

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Hello tamatalk peeps! This my kuromametchi and my previous tama had a glitch so I just had to restart my tama and then I hatched a boy and he turned into a kuromametchi.


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Hello @Tamagirl_14! Please can you read the description of the section that you are in before you make a post? Each section has a description that tells users what topics can go where. The "News and Announcements" section is for official Tamagotchi news from Bandai, and for official news from TamaTalk's Admin, not for updates about members' Tamagotchis.

I've moved this to the "What's On Your Mind?" section, where it is more appropriate. However, if you would like to start a diary about your Tamagotchis, we have a section called "Tamagotchi Logs" for that purpose.

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Can you please make the image clearer? I can't see the Kuro Mametchi!

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