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Whiten yellowed Tama shell?

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Hi! I bought a Tama V4.5 (white with flowers) online but unfortunately it is quite yellowed. Has someone ever tried to whiten that yellowed shell? I am quite sceptical with H2O2 because of the flowers on the front which would probably fade away, too.
The last post to that topic is already 8 years old, maybe there is someone who has a new idea to „fix“ that problem :D

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Yellowing in plastics of this age is usually caused by flame-retardant chemicals rising to the surface due to exposure to sunlight (sometimes, it doesn't even have to be long-term exposure to create this reaction). The only way that I'm aware of to whiten them, if this is the cause, is to use a solution called "RetroBrite".

However, it has to be done very carefully and in a very specific way, things of this nature aren't guaranteed to work anyway, and if a sealant isn't applied then the yellowing is guaranteed to recur.

Basically, there are very few options available for reversing this issue, and the ones that exist aren't in any way beginner-friendly and could be potentially dangerous. 😕

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I would've recommended RetroBrite if anything, but looks like @Penguin-keeper beat me to it.
I can't say for sure if it would remove the flowers or not, I've never used it on any 'patterned' plastic before. Something I can say though, is that it can make the plastic really brittle. I'm not sure if that would be ideal on something like a tama, being pretty small and all.
Even after all that, it's still the best way that comes to mind...

Could you share a picture of it with us?

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