Please help me identify my mom's childhood tama!

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Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum, but i often read topics here.

So, my mom said, what her childhood tamagtchi was like hitorikko rakuraku dogwong, but pink with yellow buttons. I've searched all over the Internet and there was nothing linked with this color variation... Have you any ideas? I dont have photo because i didnt find the tama yet..

p.s/ sorry my english is not really good because it isnt my native language..

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I have the on, so I dont know if the one she had is on here, but try asking her more questions! p.s. what is your native languige?

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45 minutes ago, okasan Audrey said:

ps какой у вас родной язык?

ty for reply! mine is russian

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It sounds like your mom's childhood virtual pet was either a RakuRaku Dino-kun (which was also sold under the English name of Dinkie Dino), or a Hitorikko.

RakuRaku Dino-kun was, of course, a dinosaur, and it can be seen here.

Meanwhile, the Hitorikko line was sold in several different animal variants (dinosaur, dog, fish, or chicken) - a Hitorikko pet can be seen at the bottom of this page. Please note that Hitorikkos are not Dinkie pets, but are sometimes listed alongside them because their gameplay is similar to the Dinkies.

I'm not aware of any pink RakuRaku Dino-kun/Dinkie Dino shells, but as you can see, one of the available Hitorikko colours was pink with white buttons.

I hope that this helps! :)

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