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How to get your tama to full happiness!

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Is your tama feeling down? Then use these tips and tricks to make it super happy! (And probably make it stay up all night XD)

First, look at your tamas happiness level, this determines how much you have to do for it. Next, feed it a TON of gelatin/baby cookies. (Depending on the age.)  Once you’ve fed it in till it says “no”, take care of the toothache it will have, I know I wouldn’t be happy if I had a toothache. Playing ball repeatedly helps as well. To play ball go to Item Box>Item>Ball>Use. It is easier to have your tama eat sweets repeatedly, except for the toothache part 😅.

And, yea! That is pretty much it to make your tama at full happiness. I hope this helps, cya! 90S Nostalgia GIF

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