Changing Temperature on Morino

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I got myself a little while ago a Morino Tamagotchi. I choose the white egg and it's the first time playing with it. I am in the cocoon stage currently. And I can't figure out how to change the temperature. Because if I click on either hot or cold, the thermometer doesn't go higher or lower. Can somebody help? 

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It rises gradually with time in the direction you have chosen for it to go. Think of it as turning on a heater and it takes awhile for the temperature in the room to rise (would have written "starting a fire" there but you non-woodstove people would probably be confused). So just set it in the direction you want to go and check on it some time later to make it go in the other direction so that the temperature doesn't max out on one side. What character you get depends on what side of the thermometer the coocoon mostly experienced (except for the spotted egg which only grows into one character and the special conditions for the secret character). It is worth noting that the till the coocoon stage ends, the temperature will still continue to rise or fall so make sure to set it appropriately so it doesn't stay maxed out while you're sleeping. Or you could just pause it during that time (I don't think that does anything but I haven't monkeyed around with the Morino that much).

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