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New GigaPets addition: GigaPets Pixie

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I just hopped onto the official GigaPets AR website, as I do every now and then, and noticed that they released a new virtual pet in December 2020, called the "GigaPets Pixie". The official GigaPets store has them listed here (or here for the card-mounted release that's discounted by $5 at the time of writing), and you can download a digital copy of the manual from the same link, too.

Interestingly, the official description makes it sound like they have some elements in common with Bandai's Magical Witches, of all things!


The GigaPets Pixie is the most advanced GigaPet ever!
Care for and guide your Pixie as the choices you make will affect its evolution path. As you play the game you will collect elements such as clovers, which you receive when you win one of the four mini games. You can also receive dew, seeds, and fireflies if you correctly cast a weather spell by matching up two alike icons in a ‘slots’ style game. From there you can mix your elements together to create potions. There are 5 different types of potions and which ones you take will determine which Pixie you evolve into next. The game includes 8 different Pixies with unique animations and personalities including an evil Pixie which appears if you let your stats drop too low. As the game goes on it gets progressively harder. The games become more difficult, you need to take more potions to evolve your Pixie, and your Pixie need will just generally need more care and attention. The game also features several classic GigaPet features such as feeding your pet, giving it a bath, taking it to the doctor, and putting it to sleep.
(please note that the gameplay is the same in both the collectors box and card editions of the Pixie)

The official promotional video is below;

I'm really glad to see that the crew at Top Secret Toys are still looking to do new things with the GigaPets brand. :)

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