Vintage Vpet Hatch!

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Hello and welcome to the Vintage Vpet Hatch!:D

This is the log for Vintage Vpet Hatch. Here we are going to log the progress of our virtual pets. 

The hatch will start on the 10th of May!

See you all later! :) 

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*Waves* Hello, everyone! I'm going to be running my Tako Seijin for this hatch. It's a dinkie-style alien Vpet which is quite fitting considering the group hatch theme. From what I've seen of early virtual pet discussions, the original Tamagotchi and Dinkie Dino were considered quintessential virtual pets back in the day. Unlike the P1 and P2, dinkie programming relies on food to determine growth. It also seems to be that these pets have only a few growth lines compared to the original tamas, but this is made up for by extensive evolutions. I've been running my Tako Seijin this past week but I've discovered that moderate bumps to the back cover cause it to turn off - even though the batteries are sandwiched between prongs on the back cover and contacts on the circuit board. Hopefully, all will go well this run and perhaps I'll develop a solution down the road.

Anyway, time to hatch this little alien whom I'm going to name ZigZag (following the z-theme of the earlier aliens whom I called Zipporah and Zebulun). I've decided to push the time back an hour from real time since I think my past aliens rose at 9 and slept at 8.

Zigzag was born from a swirl of DNA a minute after the clock was set. I fed her batteries like her predecessors as I was aiming for the same growth line I never got to see the end of. I took care of her thirst with a couple soda-looking beverages, her happiness with a couple rounds of rock-paper-scissors, and her education with a couple book pages. I'll be fiddling with her air conditioner throughout the day to keep it at the perfect 25 Celsius and hopefully prevent heatwave rage, coldness chills, and sickness (this is the most difficult thing about the device). I expect she'll need a few baths throughout the day (she had one around 3) and the usual feeding and playing. Her beeps are a pleasant, musical scale which is a nice change from the sharp watch beeps.

Thus concludes this post and ZigZag and I will see you guys tomorrow :^)

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Posted (edited)

Hello there, finally the first day for the vintage run! So excited to do this hatch because I’m here with my new Yuki Penguin Vpet and Angelgotchi. This is my first time trying them both and I would love to see how things turn out at the end of the hatch! :lol:


Right after I inserted the batteries I immediately say this picture:


I freaked out because this is my first time with an Angelgotchi, I thought vintage tamas don’t save the previous data so I was very confused! I waited a long time and nothing happened. (See what happens when you don’t play that much with your tamas kids :D). When I checked YouTube and did some research turned out that this is an afterlife of a tamagotchi and now you are taking care of it as an angel. <_< Completely forgot that I need to change the time first to be able to play. What a rough start :mellow:

I waited roughly for five minutes until the angel finally showed up. Of course as everyone knows taking care of the baby in the first hour is tough so I made sure that it was happy and not hungry.


it evolved after one hour (left is the baby and right side is when it became a toddler)

One time it called me to feed it, I was giving it a snack and suddenly a bat came quickly and snatched the sweets from it! That unfortunately decreased the “Good deeds” bar! I didn’t react fast and actually didn’t know that I needed to tap quickly on the shell to scare away the bat. The Angelgotchi unlike its counterpart the Devilgotchi tend to be sensitive, so any care mistakes will affect its health as well as its growth. I’m going to keep an eye on it during the first couple of days!

Time to play a game! :D The game of this one is really difficult! It’s basically about avoiding a shooting star as quickly as you can! At first I was loosing a lot until I figured I need to be quicker to avoid it. And it worked out for me which also filled the happy meter for my angel.

And now my angel is sleeping hopefully tomorrow we will get to play and see to what character it will evolve as that will help me decide in what character I would like to get. :) 

Yuki Penguin:

The very first thing I did was change the batteries it came with it as I wasn’t sure if they are old or new. I changed the time and saw the screen on top:


It took a while until that little cute penguin finally hatched I guess? Wasn’t sure about the first screen because that doesn’t look like an egg! :mellow:

Anyhow, I was trying to see how this device worked and what kind of options it has. I was so impressed when I scrolled over the menu to find out that you can pet, teach, turn the heater on/off, play and give your penguin a shower! I really love a vpet that has these elements that focuses on properly raising it!

The health meter was nice and simple. This icon represents your penguin mood and at the time clearly he wasn’t happy lol


The typical weight, hunger and drinking meters are also included. There’s a stats for the temperature so you can either turn the heater on or off and an icon to show school grade or performance when studying.

Couple hours of me exploring the yuki penguin. I finally decided to play a game but it’s not a game where you play in behalf of your penguin, instead you both will go against each other doing “rocket, paper, scissors” and you must let your penguin win! That’s is so funny :D 


I made sure that my penguin study hard to be just like his dad, a smart boy :P 


Thanks to @Penguin-keeper who made a growth chart that will definitely help me decide which character I want to get next. This can be achieved by feeding the baby a certain foods to be able to evolve into the desired character. 

I will make sure to feed him certain food and keep him healthy. 

That’s it for today, I hatched them late and definitely will be back tomorrow with both my angel and penguin and will surly have some new updates. :) 

Edited by iTamannadi
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Hi its me cyac!!

9OYQqvXpEOvz1TAwd4N8vehNsZKAwhYEt5SI0BXLRccITf9IKDEwT6kCo6uMJTue5vC3aSrtn1m-3dAPVHq5owpV9lBzIGY3DCTe649dEhbK24gzLdGSetiJxQSEonMcq2RxEEoA my p1

image.png.87714a8c3e8b7b2ada099b3e7ff8256d.pngHey little guy what shoud i call you?


image.png.87714a8c3e8b7b2ada099b3e7ff8256d.pngok Garble will be your name.


I will be doing chats whith my tamagotchi!





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9 hours ago, iTamannadi said:

Thanks to @Penguin-keeper who made a growth chart that will definitely help me decide which character I want to get next.

Thanks so much for mentioning this here, but I can't take the credit for it - I simply made a corrected version of a chart that someone else created, after my own experiences with the pet didn't line up with the chart. :)

Anyway, my apologies for the interruption! Have fun with this hatch, you guys - I'm having fun reading everyone's contributions! :D

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Posted (edited)


Thats all



Edited by cyac
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@cyac I can't see that "TAMA PICKLE" since it's showing up as a broken link. Can you repost it?

On 5/10/2021 at 9:07 PM, iTamannadi said:

The Angelgotchi unlike its counterpart the Devilgotchi tend to be sensitive, so any care mistakes will affect its health as well as its growth.

From my experience, the Angelgotchi is the most lenient device to run since you have to practically constantly neglect it to get anyone but the best character. Although, once I got into the routine of neglecting it, it was hard to go back to normal maintenance XD Some Vpets seem to be problem children and some are just angels (no pun intended XD).

Before I the updates I've assembled, I wanted to mention that it's perfect for this vintage hatch to be running dinkies and vintage tamas :^)

==Remainder of Day 1 (the 10th of May)==
ZigZag got sick yesterday when her temperature was at 30 Celsius and I had to give her a shot. That knocked her hunger, thirst, happiness, and education down to zero. I should have payed more attention but I also knew she could take some sickness. I speculated that since she beeped around every hour when her hunger and thirst were half empty, that might be the ideal moment for fiddling with the AC to keep temperature in check. Later, she threw a heat fit and I got a picture of it (might have contributed to her rage, ha ha).

Turning the air conditioner on - like it was already - zapped it back to the perfect 25 c. The temperature stat's somewhat unforgiving as it starts altering the temperature gradually instead of immediately changing like every other stat. Some time in the evening, ZigZag beeped for a bath and I set her down on my desk and turned to grab my camera. When I turned around I was shocked. She had reset and now the blank clock face was staring up at me. All that time wasted and I didn't think I had even put her down that hard!

I opened the device to see if there was any padding I could due to make things more secure. Sure enough, there was some empty space under the back cover prongs so I slipped some small cardboard pieces under it. I then screwed my Tako Seijin back together and flicked the back with my fingertip. It stayed on which was promising since the past time I did that it just turned off.

At 8:32, ZigZag was reborn and I set her clock 4 hours off so she'd wink out at midnight and gain back some of the lost time. I decided to call her ZigZagZ to make it cooler XD I've seen some anime add random letters to the end of names for that very reason (Powerpuff Girls Z, for example). We went through the usual activities I detailed in the first post. Here she is taking a bath:

She beeped at 9-ish and the temperature was 32. I turned on the AC but I thought we'd be toast anyway. And I was right as at 9:05, she threw a heat rage and I selected to turn the AC on - like it already was. Midnight rolled around and I turned off her lights to let her slumber away.

==Day 2 (11th of May)==
I had to change Zees time so that she'd wake up at 10 like I had wanted for her previous incarnation. When she did awaken, she was still the same form and age from yesterday. I returned at 10:30 from my family bible study to find her looking fried. I gave her a shot and thus began filling up her meters. I thankfully got 4 wins in one game and one win in another to max out her happiness (I speculate the amount of successful matches alters how high the happiness goes up). That wouldn't be the last time the temperature got out of whack as she would experience a cold snap and temperature sickness, both sending her stats to zero and me filling them up again. I observed the temperature making a crazy jump from 22 to 26 and was now less surprised at all of the side effects despite keeping her well fed, educated, and happy. Earlier at 11:24, she needed a bath. It was then I noticed that the Tako Seijin has a delay between beeping and playing the corresponding animation.  Her waking hours came to an end at 8:57 when she answered the beckoning of dreamland.

==Day 3 (12th of May)==
At 10, I heard a musical scale and concluded ZigZagZ had awoken and evolved. I didn't get to her till 10:30 and again she was sick. I considered alternative arrangement of either waking her up at 9 or keeping her with me during bible study. The latter might have gotten on my father's nerves, but then we'd also have less disturbance. Anyway, this is what she looked like that day and her adorable, wide smile:

I also took a picture of her and Quacked-Up my Karugamo/Duck Land which is possibly a Gyaoppi duck clone.
Zee got enraged by the heat later and that prompted me to keep a temperature log to see if I could figure out solution. She had two more temperature incidents and bizarrely got sick 10 minutes after I turned off the air conditioner when it was 24 Celsius - a unit off from the perfect 25!

That led to more puzzling over the heat predicament and the oddity of why it seemed to drop from 3-7 degrees instead of an even temperature. In light of what I had experienced, she went to bed on a foreboding note since the temperature was at 27 and her air conditioner was off. I worried she'd wake up sick again. 

- - - -
There's definitely more to come since I've been taking notes and pictures but I thought I'd leave the rest for another update. ZigZagZ is still alive but I haven't been able to dedicate too much time to logging. Time just seems to slip away but I've been trying out a different timeboxing routine so maybe.

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==Day 4 (13th of May)==
I was waiting for Zee to wake up so I could change her temperature. As soon as she awoke, the sleep screen gave way to the checkered animation of an evolution and she appeared as a sinewy, sickle-headed alien.


I thought in my older runs the farthest I ever reached was a stage past this, but it would only be when she went to bed that I would realize it wasn't. ZigZagZ didn't get sick that morning and yet her temperature was still finicky. I didn't know if I had prevented anything or if the device was going easy on me. When she took her morning bath, all that was visible was her head and "shoulders". Over the past days, I noticed her bathing seemed to be the life-like pattern of in the morning and in the evening. 

I noticed Zee stopped beeping when she was half meters and speculated that this might be a sign she was growing up and getting hardier. Between late 3 and early 4, she got sick when the temperature was 28 c and didn't even have a heat flip out. I was confused till I realized I forgot to turn the air conditioner on. I speculated that the Tako Seijin is programmed to cause sickness if the temperature isn't changed within a specific time. Based on my time log, I concluded her temperature changed every hour and specifically at the 53rd minute if each hour. That worked out to the 7th minute of everyone of her hour. I waited and, sure enough, at 5:50 my time and 5:07 her time, the temperature changed. I then wondered if the temperature actually changed hourly and discovered that this was true indeed. I also witnessed the temperature ridiculously jump from 22 to 28 and from 27 to 21. It seemed as if the logic behind the temperature insanity was to make the care taker to change the temperature every hour. I felt disappointed that this trait would make it inconvenient for me to run my Tako Seijin in the future.

Zee lit out at 10:45 and I laughed when I saw her funny little sleeping sprite.


==Day 5 (14th of May)==
Zee woke up and had the usual evolution signal and pixelated checkered screen but she didn't look any different from yesterday. Wasn't a problem for me as I don't mind longer growth stages. 


She immediately took a bath after I topped up her meters. Later, I was surprised when I checked her temperature and found it at 25 c. I thought the perfect temperature was not naturally achievable. I wasn't sure what to do with the AC so I left it. I missed the ensuing change window by 10-15 minutes and she got sick, ending my hope that she wouldn't get sick that day. Her temperature had risen to 31. I then started puzzling out what this all meant. I did some experiments later and came to a promising hypothesis. I concluded that the device wants to be kept at a fluctuating mild temperature with the idea that temperature will never be stable so it is better to have mild discomfort. Temperature uses a four category scale: Anything 30 Celsius and above is considered extreme heat, anything from 29-25 is considered mild heat, anything from 24 to possibly 19 is considered mild cold, and anything below 18 is considered extreme cold. Because the temperature jumps from 1-7 points, the air conditioner inevitably should be put on the reverse power option every hour. This prevents the future temperature from getting extreme and causing sickness. 

Present temperature adjustments are only for altering the future temperature. The air conditioner's activation or deactivation at the start of the new hour can only change the temperature for the next hour. Temperature is only adjusted for the present if the owner makes the proper adjustment in response to the alien's reaction to an extreme temperature (turning the air conditioner off in response to a chill and turning the air conditioner on in response to a heatwave). Although sickness may also be a response to extreme temperatures, curing sickness does not change the temperature.

I did want to test out if turning the air conditioner on and off would actually alter the next temperature, but I didn't want to potentially kill Zee as she was in this group hatch. I also wanted to test changing the air conditioner to the right setting at the last minute before an hour but I held off for the same reason. I hoped temperature sickness would be counted as less than neglecting meters and Zee would make it to adulthood.

She got chilled and outraged before I found out the logic behind how I was supposed to work the AC. After that, everything went fine till I forgot for one hour and she got sick. I pinned down 40 minutes of an hour to be equivalent to the start of a new hour on her device. I also observed that it took her 10 minutes from when the temperature was changed late to get sick. Due to my slip up, I speculated on just lugging her around with me everywhere. I then worried about what church was going to be like with her. Eventually, ZigZagZ conked out at 10 her time which was 10:39 my time.
- - - -
I'm posting this batch now since the remainder of my backlog might take a couple days to prepare. My next log post will conclude my purposeful contributions to this hatch as Zee abruptly died this morning. I will still read whatever @iTamannadi and @cyac post and maybe write some comments depending on if I have anything to say.

Till next time :^)

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Thank you all those who participated and were viewing the hatch. I’m very sorry that I couldn’t keep posting here as I was in a difficult circumstances that didn’t allow me to take care of my vpets and allow me to post here.

Hopefully until I’m done with everything that keeps me busy I will do another log/hatch without pausing or disappearing. :o

Till next time :)  


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No worries, iTamannadi! Things like this happen and I'm glad you got to at least give us an overview of your Yuki Penguin and Angelgotchi. I also quite like the hatch theme and I hope we could do it again some other time. Thanks for posting :^)

I'm going to post the rest of my log sometime later and I thought I should just pop in to acknowledge iTamannadi. By the way, what happened to Garble, @cyac? 

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8 hours ago, Knighttchi's Ballad said:

No worries, iTamannadi! Things like this happen and I'm glad you got to at least give us an overview of your Yuki Penguin and Angelgotchi. I also quite like the hatch theme and I hope we could do it again some other time. Thanks for posting :^)

I'm going to post the rest of my log sometime later and I thought I should just pop in to acknowledge iTamannadi. By the way, what happened to Garble, @cyac? 

The hard tech teacher happened. garble beeped in the class and the teacher forced me to give him garble and i had to and I had to wait till 24 hours later... he lived for 1 day after that. 




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