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Any other tamagotchi Youtubers on here?

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I've been near daily vlogging my Tamagotchis for a few weeks now, inspired by the channel Chilling with Kakujo(I'm rather salty, haha, I had tried normie vlogging around the time he started, little did I know I had the perfect topic in my pockets! :D)

That said, I'm also catching up on Kakujo's videos. Does anyone else vlog their Tamagotchis? 

I know we're not supposed to share links or advertise and Tamatube is long gone(I found the rules and we would have been allowed to share them there) so if you are a Tama-tuber, be careful not to advertise, but I still want to know you're out there so I can follow more Tamagotchi creators!:lol:

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