I need help with the yellowing of my purple Tamagotchi idL

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Hi, i recently decided to re visit my old Tamagotchi ID L due to like an overload of stress (Its my first tama in my current collection of 3) and found it extremely yellowed?

I've tried the rubber/eraser method and baking soda scrub method but they havent worked at all (ignore the dent in my tama rip), im gonna buy creme developer soon enough but i still dont know what else to do?

ive briefly looked over methods that require u to soak plastic in different solvents and stuff but i dont know how to take apart my tama and really dont want to stuff it up completely?

i was just wondering what other methods i could try? my worry is that because its purple, if i try these methods it'll whiten my tamagotchi and get rid of the purple which is something i definitely dont want. 

Please help me :(

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I could be looking at the pictures wrong, but this looks to me less like the traditional yellowing caused by flame-retardants rising to the surface of the plastic, and more like sun-fading, because it's very localised. Just to rule that out, has the device ever been kept in direct sunlight, or in a place where that specific part of it could have been exposed to the sun?

That aside, if it is the typical flame-retardant yellowing, all that I can recommend is finding a deconstruction guide for this model, and doing a lot of research on Retrobrite and how to apply it correctly, as well as how to properly seal it afterwards (this sort of yellowing will recur if a sealant isn't applied after a successful application of Retrobrite).

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It definitely isnt flame related, i feel like it is probably sun fading however, i dont remember keeping it in the sun? which is very interesting. This tama in particular has been in its box for i think 2 years now on my book shelf which is the furthest away from any window in my room, so it does not get sun light.

But i do feel like that is the closest possible answer to the yellowing of the tama.

Thank you so much by the way :)

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1 hour ago, Tamatchi_ said:

It definitely isnt flame related,

Oh, haha, pardon me, I should have been clearer! :lol: The reason that I mentioned flame-retardants is because those rising to the surface of the plastic (usually all over, as you can see in the photograph on the Retrobrite Wikipedia page) is what causes older plastics to turn yellow. It doesn't mean that they've been exposed to any flames. :)


1 hour ago, Tamatchi_ said:

Thank you so much by the way :)

No problem! Again, though, I do think that it's worth getting a second opinion on whether this is a job for Retrobrite or not - I could still have interpreted the images incorrectly.

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