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Hello there :D 

I'm new to tama-talk I need help.

I have a golden tamagotchi connection v3 and it wont turn on. i tried putting different batteries in it and it still wont turn on. it just has a blank screen and everything was working perfectly yesterday. the last time i used it was yesterday last night when my tamagotchi was asleep so i put it next to my bed and went to sleep. the next day my tamagotchi was just a blank screen. i replaced the batteries with new ones and it didnt work. it just made a quiet beep and that was it. 

please help.

thx :)

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      Hey all!
      Does anyone happen to know what type of screw the large back screw is that holds the back cover to the connection tamas, and where I can find replacement screws for it? ;_; I'm thinking they may sell them at a home improvement store if I just knew what type to get! 😅Any help would be greatly appreciated!  
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      So I recently bought a used entama and because I don't read Japanese I'm still figuring it out but anyway I have only had it a couple of weeks and it has  kept saying that the battery has run out. But when I press the reset button it's fine! Until a couple of hours later it dose the same thing?!? Is it just my tama? Is that common for old used and beaten up tamas? Thank you for taking the time to read xxx
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      Are there any differences? I wanna get a V3 but I'm not sure if there's any differences between an american or japanese version. thanks!
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      I have just recently ordered a tamagotchi connection V3 and am already getting impatient for it... (Ahhh, collector issues) So, was thinking I'd try to quench my thirst/wanting with reading logs! (Since I've already watched a whole lot of YouTube reviews and videos A.k.a All the ones I could find.) Wondering if people can try to directed me to some?/Try to collect them here?
      Dragonflytchi =*|*=
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      I have two tamas I have raised from birth except one is always one day older than the other. Well, they are both four smileys (best friends). Yesterday, one grew up into discount PIkachu, and today his friend grew up to be also a discount Pikachu.
      Which brings me to this question then, Because they're friends, maybe they copied each other? Or is it my care schedule? Because they're not raised the same. They weren't even the same same in their teen stage.
    • By tamaace1
      I have recently found my old Tamagotchi V3 and put in a fresh battery, it resets and the egg appears but after 10-20seconds (I haven't timed) the screen will go blank and all sound stops.
      As far as I know it has had no water or sun damage, and i don't think it is the battery as this battery works fine in my V4.
      I have not opened it up yet, as i haven't done this before and i do not have a screwdriver small enough.
      Does anyone know what may be wrong with my Tamagotchi or how to fix it?
      Any suggestions or help would be fantastic