Cyacs log of meloness!

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Hey folks!

it me cyac!

Im going to be loging my v4!! yay. i am waiting on the love of nothing's life!

nothing: hey why did you name me this :angry:

me: I waited to long to name you.

nothing: it ok...

me: what do you mean?

nothing: as long as you make my child a kutchipatchi!

me: why?

nothing: I think a kutchi family member would spice things up!

me: ok! sounds good



nothing: maidtchi

Age: 7

Training: 7

Skill Points: 4 in intelligence, 94 in fancy and, 16 kindness.

Weight: 98lbs

Generation: 1

Points: 630

Recent Occurences: nothing

Future Occurences: love

see you later!:wacko:

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the mach maker came and i did not press the button in time:angry: so reset!

say hi to iro!!

iro: WaAAAa

me: ugh! babys...

iro: feeb me1!1!1

me: ok ok calm ur farm.



Age: 0

Training: 0

Skill Points: 0 in intelligence, 0 in fancy and,  kindness.

Weight: 5lbs

Generation: 1

Points: 0

Recent Occurences: hach

Future Occurences: toddler evolve

~Cyac and iro~

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iro now has a child and soon he will leave and give me his child.

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29 minutes ago, LucidLyes said:

send us pics!

i am having a little trouble with sending pics at the moment. so frustrateing!!:angry:

log time:

so iro and i must part ways and so we deiced to name the baby: Terence!

iro was an androtchi that lived peacefully and worked at the hair salon 

good bye to androtchi/iro and say hi to Terence.

Terence: whe dad?

me: uhmm in the distortion world probably


me: calm down! i was joking only joking!


me: on tamagotchi planet.. hey we can call him on the phone! (its a code item)

Terence: okay-_-

OK bye for now!

sorry lucidlyes il try something to get the problem fixed... but in the meantime you have this: 



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