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ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ bee's tama log

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i will be including doodles of my tamagotchis and screenshots as i go along 

i got my tamagotchi pix!! started out with a baby tamapatchi girl! spent about an hour nonstop playing with her and the rattle, feeding her, bathing her, taking her to the toilet, playing hide and seek, and all that fun stuff!! it only took an hour and a half before she grew into a tantotchi < 3 
i took her to a restaurant and got her pizza and a soda pop, then to the arcade where i failed miserably at the game, then to the park
also played the building blocks with her and hula hoops

its taking a long time for me to get used to these button thingies ;;;; i grew up on the old ones so this is my first new one and i'm so impressed at how engaging it is

oh i also set my time to where she sleeps while i'm at work bc i work full time and overtime everyday pretty much and i want her to be a happy kiddo

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soooo my tantotchi was asleep when i woke up (bc i changed the time) and then i realized i could just change the time... i'm impatient af lol so i woke her up by changing the time

i took her to the arcade. todays theme of the game was nature, so we have the fruit fall game and the rocket game. i really like the rocket game!! we played those a bunch of times, then i took her to the restaurant. i got her a steak platter and a soda pop!

im gonna play a bunch of games with her to save up for a new room. i think they are so cute, and i want to ball out and decorate everything for her!

3:25 pm

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9/5/2021 11:29 pm


before i get there,  i want to say that i woke her up again by time skipping lolol...
the theme of the games today was sports - i love the ping pong game so so so much!!
i also love the whole decor aspect of the Pix. like i'm getting so much one on one time with my tama, i love it --

anyway, so i played a bunch of games with her as per usual, and took her to the restaurant and got her a hamburger i think
i also scanned the qr code for a play date with chamametchi! 

so far the tamas she has met have been... :

and more but the screen timing out is annoying me lol

anyway so like thirty minutes ago she turned ONE!! She grew into a haretchi, and i am literally obsESSED she is so cute!!!!!!

if anyone wants to do a meet up or play date with my tama hit me up with those QR code's. the pix is so so underrated tbh




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