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Tama Luv

how long does a tama stay debugged?

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It stays debugged until you put it back to normal. As long as you are gentle with the debugging process, it's no problem, I think. At least, it wasn't for me. I debugged both my V1 tamas, and then un-debugged (?) one of them...all you do is get a q-tip, lick it a little (so it's moist but not wet), and wipe the lead off of the debugged peices you rubbed with the pencil, so that you get rid of the connection between them that you made with the pencil, or get the lead off, or whatever it is that happens when you debug. One of my V1 tamas is still debugged (it's fun), but the other is totally back to normal. :blink:


Oh, and my tamas are V1 Connections, by the way

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