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My Maskutchi Logs

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These are my old logs from a past Tamagotchi. Enjoy!



December 14, 2003


Today I hatched my first ever Gen1 Tamagotchi. I inserted the batteries during Hebrew school and an egg appeared on the screen. I set the time and waited. Five minutes later, the egg hatched and there stood a Babitchi!


As soon as he appeared on the screen, he was both hungry and miserable. So I fed him bread and candy. He is so cute, even tough his beeps are annoying; he is still a nice pet. Then I played a nice game with him. Later he pooped twice, got sick, took a nap, and finally became Marutchi. Within the rest of the day, he called for discipline up to 50% and fell asleep.


December 15, 2003


Marutchi awoke to find himself at my school. He asked for discipline to 75% and we had a great day.


We ate at the Roadhouse Grill and fell asleep at home.


December 16, 2003

Today he asked for 100% discipline. Then it happened in science class at 12:30. I didn’t see it happen, but when I looked at him he had become Tamatchi!


He fell asleep at 9:00.


December 17, 2003


I was forced to leave Tamatchi at home, so I paused him in fear that my mom would kill him. I accidentally ignored a call for discipline, so his discipline meter is still at 50%.


December 18 and 19, 2003


Both were average day of Tamatchi…nothing special.


December 20, 2003


It happened. It was 9:30 in the morning when I heard the tune come from my Tamagotchi. I looked on the screen…

What I saw was amazing. To me at least.


It was a Maskutchi.


But as soon as he appeared, he fell asleep.

After his nap, we had a very happy Hannukah. He asked for discipline up to 50%, and my Mesutchi and Osutchi arrived in the mail today. I will type up their logs later.

Soon Masktchi fell asleep. I will write more soon.


December 21, 2003


Today was a normal day with Masktchi. Got disciplined to 75%


December 22, 2003


Yet again, an average day with Masktchi. Discipline 100%.


December 23, 2003


Today Masktchi got sick! I’ve heard this means he will evolve into a secret character. I hope that happens.


December 24, 2003


Masktchi didn’t evolve, even though he is 12. I heard this means he won’t evolve.


December 30, 2003


Today was the saddest day of my 12-year old life. It was 10:55 when it happened. Masktchi stopped moving, right in the middle of the screen. His eyes closed, and a small skull flashed beside his head. Every time the skull appeared, Masktchi would beep sadly. The beeping started to slow down. Masktchi pooped out an egg, looking kinda sad, having to go away…He started blinking, and finally, he vanished, and an angel appeared on the screen. Masktchi was gone; at age 18…


I miss him already…goodbye.


January 15, 2004


Well, today was pretty much a normal day…except for one thing.


I was in the library, playing with my Tamatchi and Tongaritchi (yup, I found an old P2 and hatched him) when my teacher caught me and confiscated them. Later I got them back…and my Masktchi had returned to me, along with Zukitchi.


I will update my logs later.


January 18, 2004


Well today both Masktchi and Zukitchi got sick, both discipline 100%, and both full and happy. Plus, they are both 9 years old. Yesterday they asked for 75% discipline, and the day before 25%. Sorry I can’t make a sleeping animation of Zukitchi because I don’t own a GIF animator anymore…


January 19, 2004


Well…if these guys evolve, I will update this log…


UPDATE: They did not evolve, and instead they just went back to sleep. Sigh…


January 20, 2003


A sad thing happened today…it happened to Masktchi. He just vanished for no reason. I heard him beep in my pocket, and when I pulled him out…on the screen was this…


I was heartbroken. I checked the back of the cartridge…faulty back piece got loose and the batteries stopped working…and tomorrow is my birthday, but I just feel so sad that Masktchi can’t be there to celebrate…*sighs*

So on my b-day, I will hatch Masktchi again…so we can both be born on the same day.


January 26, 2004


Before I went to bed yesterday, Zukitchi died…and just now, Tamatchi became Masktchi! Horary!


February 1, 2004


Well…Masktchi went to bed at age 12, and I got Zuki back too. I am slightly disappointed that Masktchi didn’t change, but now, I just realized something—I don’t care weather they evolve or not.


You might think I have gone crazy, but no. I honestly don’t care anymore about the “secret character”. All I want is for every Tamagotchi I own to live a long, happy live and dying at old age. F*** the secret character—I’ll just raise Masktchi until he dies.


July 5, 2004


Well, yesterday was July 4th, and me and my Maskutchi watched the fireworks. Before he went to bed, he got sick. I wasn’t too sure last night—nor this morning, when he was one hungry heart and two happy hearts short.


But somehow, some way, he evolved. I was starting to think that the whole secret character thing was a made-up way out of hand joke. But when I saw this on the screen, boy was I wrong.


On the screen was Ketotchi/Gaijintchi a.k.a. Bill...THE SECRET CHARACTER!!!!!




Anyway, this guy is awesome…you should see how he poos.

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