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anyone have this pass

some tamas SP items from #1 only (could also...

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:ph34r: gets wings :lol: gets maracas ;) gets mine skate board (hard to belive, hes already on wheels :D ) :) none (even though it might look like it'd get an item) :) un-knowen status :mellow: (i dont know what he gets but by the look of him probly a mine sword or radio hee hee)

^_^ (i got before but forgot) forgotten :) (i got before) pencil (then he rapidly writes "thank you"


when u have the SP item for that tama when u stop playing and it does like :lol: drinks coffe :ph34r: flexs and others if u get the SP items they'll use em like if :lol: gets maracas (i have) then it'll play with maracs and i know this because i gotten all of these tamas ;)

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