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My tama is a mama now...

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I haven't been posting much here but this time I really couldn't hold it in... My mametchi girl Siiri was visited by Mrs. Busybody tonight and met a male. Now she has a baby boy! :)


Actually, I didn't know I was supposed to do something when that elderly lady came and started to flip through her phone book.... She just disappeared, and then I turned the clock back to get her back. The male was not a very handsome type, resembled a duck but I was desperate and so was Siiri, so... Atleast it seemed like a love match... :D ^_^


So, now there's a little baby boy tama jumping around with his mom... Siiri is 10 yrs (8 days in regular time) and this was the first time the matchmaker came.

I just hope the boy will turn out like his mom and not like his dad!

I'm thinking of naming him Sulo, but I'm not sure yet.

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