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I have gotten twins before,but only from a MOTHER who was having a baby.Thats the only time you can get twins.It's unlikely for anyone to get twins without that event happening.Sorry to say-even when you get twins,within a day or two one of the twins either dies or runs away.In most cases the other twin would die,thats what had happened to my twins,and yetone of my close friends had twins and one ran away.

Twins are most likely to be the same gender.But rarely are twins a boy and a girl.Most people think the code you put in after your original Tamagotchi died works because 2 eggs appear-WRONG.The two eggs symbolize somthing.One egg symbolize's a real baby,one egg simply simbolize's a glitch that could make you kiss your Tamagotchi godbye.Mot of the time this glitch will put a skull and crossbones sign above the egg which will appear to make it look like a sick egg,all it does is mean that there is a glitch so bad-that it might mess up your whole Tamagotchi and make it's system crash.I prefere nobody using this 'code'.


Also,people have been asking me why their Nikatchi sings alot.Well,I have a Nikatchi and it loves to sing.It wakes me up at night with it's 'beep beep beeeeeep beep beep'.It is doing it right now :furawatchi: But Nikatchi's love to sing,so do many other Tama's.So people,stop asking me why.


Best of Luck,etc.


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