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Tamagotchi Connection Events

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Reported by Mimitchi


I am litterally jumping up and down with excitment because of this news i found, on August 10th at 9:45 a.m. Eastern Time there will be a Tamagotchi Connection party at a HUGE toys'r'us on Time Square (which has a feris wheel in it thats how big it is!!!) (I am like 10 blocks away from it!!!)

to celebrate the over seas release of connection , and the big thing is people there will be able to purchase the first products there 5 days before there release!!!(Also the last time toys'r'us did this with pokemon, they also offered special one time promos, so i am hoping they will have a tama Connection promo that they didnt metion!!!)

anyway here is the link:

and i was hoping you could post this in the new section since only you can, and this is definetly news especially for the NewYork fans like me!!!

also i would really appreciate if you could mention i found the news so people know i found it and im going cool.gif biggrin.gif laugh.gif !!!


~Currently jumping up and down, Mimitchi



*UPDATE from Mimitchi*


Well theres good news...and bad news for the special evnt on august 10th there having a american pop singer named Ryan Cabrera (who is on the ashley simpson show on MTV) which means people who aren't fans will be lining up just to get autographs but the GOOD news is i called up and they said THEY WILL be handing out promo's keychains, stickers,plushes...etc, but when i asked if they were gonna have a special promo shell she went very quite (im guessing THEY WILL and they have to keep it a secrete?) which means i am gonna have to bring my mom so i can het 2 of everthin

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