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Entama Tips and Tricks

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Well, as I receive a large amount of Personal Messages asking for entama tricks, I decided I'd make one big topicabout it.

Feel free to add your comments/tips


First of all, What is an Entama AKA Cho Jinsei Enjoy

All Tamagotchis come from Japan, and they seem to get better versions than Americnas and Europeans (sigh). The Entama is their latest "version". It does not have connectivity to mobiles like past Jaapnese Tamagotchis, but does have connectivity to the webiste e-tamago. This Tamagotchi has many new features because Cho Jinsei Enjoy means something like Enjoy Life to the Full in Japanese

How do I start it up?

Like all Tamagotchis, after eading the instrucitons (for Japanese readers) and looking at soem images, we feel nervous, and pull the fine plastic protection off the screen and edge the tab out of its gap. We shall be surprised by the typical beep (the Tamagotchi has started!) We shall soon see a cute egg (different from previous versions, with its own new design) bobbing up and down. The egg shall not hatch till we input our information.

Like always, we are asked to set DATE and TIME. We scroll adn control the time the same as any other Tamagotchi. Then, we put in our Birthday date. After checking that all fields are correct, we shall wait for the egg to hatch.

After waiitng for a while, the egg will slowly bob faster and faster till it shakes. Then it shall hatch, and we'll be able to see our new character.

It can be boy/girl and form part of one of the following families Mamezoku(Intelligence)/Memezoku(style)/Kuchizoku(Kindness). The characetr you get on first hatch shall be random. Then you will have to seletc a name. The name display is useful, because i displays the gender ♂ or ♀. For more help on how to name your tamagotchi (it comes up in Japanese characters) I suggest you visit peppersoup/Tamasquare After all these Japanese characters there is a large amount of symbols like hearts, suns, full stops, happy faces, etc... So-make sure you dont make a mistake naming it, or its a load of letters to scroll through :(

Getting started-how to care for

First icon-Status

Accessing the first icon, we shall be able to see the Entamas status.

Screen 1: Hunger and Happiness

Screen 2: GUT points we have. The pencil indicates intelligence points, the star style points and the flower kindness

Screen 3: Species, Preschool/School/Job and Job level (rating from 1 to 3 stars) and number of Gotchi points. The maximum amount of Gotchipoints seems to be 99,999GP

Screen 4: Age(each time you put it to sleep and wake it up again it becomes a year older. This does not affect evolution times though), Weight(the weight of entamas seem to be lower than that of V1, babies and toddlers weigh the same, so teens weigh what toddlers weigh adn adults what teens weigh) and Name.

Screen 5: Gender (written in japanese and with corresponding symbol) and generation

Second icon-Food

Option 1: Meal, first, default meals are listed (roll and sandwich), afetr that meals youve bought/won appear. the samll number at the bottom indicates the amount of that type of food you have.

Option 2: Snack. First, the default snacks are listed (bananas and ice cream) and then the ones you've bought/won

Option 3: Cooking items. You can buy cooking items to cook. At the top they have the family they are for and at the bottom the amount you have. What you do is you mix two inngredients from your Tamagotchi group and you shall obtain something to eat. If you use the incorrect ingredients it shall explode. I am still to try this out though. :(

Third option-Loo

Pretty straight forward, when stinklines appear on your Tamagotchi, get to this option quick. The potty seems to be a duck with a mouth and the grown up loo actually has a mouth. XD A nice feature is it beeps whenever it finishes pooping, so althugh you missed catching it, you can flush it away fatser (insyead of continuously checking on your entama)

Fourth option-games

There are three games your entama can play to earn gotchipoints and GUT points.I also noticed, the maximum points you can get from them is 500 and you can go out of the game at any time by pressing c. Whatever you won wont be saved tilll it gets to the point receiving screen. :(

Card Game: This brings up IQ points. I dont know how to explain how this game works, but what you do is you select two cards after lettign them flash the same amount of times... Then they shall turn round and reveal tamagotchi characters. If they match, you win and go to the next "round". Each time you get a correct match, at the top of the screen a number is displayed to indicate how many correct matches you got.

Clothes game: This brings up Style points. It is very easy, you have to make the clothes rack catch the clothes and avoid the poos. You have to catch 100 clothes (you catch garment 99 twice). Then you win. If you dont catch a garment or you catch a poo, the game will end and i will show the progres you made (clothes on a rack).

Hammer Game: I dislike this game. XD I always lose!! You have to press a/b button to make the hammer push out a block t the right level. You get rid of thirty blocks and save the Shiropuchitchi thats crying on the top... If you knock the wrong brick, the tower will fall down and so will the baby

Fifth Option-connecting

The Connecting option has many options:

  • EnTama If you have another EnTama, then this is the option you are looking for to connect them. It comes with several submenus:
    • Game If you want to play a game with another EnTama select this option. If you win at a game, your Tamagotchi will gain a Happiness heart ad 30 gotchipoints. If they lose they can loose a happiness point. There are several games you can play:
      1. Bouncing game?? Not sure what it is called, but the two Tamagotchis are technically catapulting balls at the other one, and the first one to drag the other Tamagotchi off the screen with the balls wins (bad description here).
      2. Karaoke To play Karaoke you must choose the 'song' you want to sing, and then afterwards, I think your Tamagotchi receives a number of votes (numbers), and the Tamagotchi with the highest number of votes wins. There are several songs to sing.

      1. Rock (hard shrill notes)
      2. Pop (tinkles)
      3. Blues (more soleful)

      [*]Give Present If you want to give your other EnTama a present select this option. There are several submenus:

      1. Food Select this option to choose the food you want to give
      2. Item Select this option to donate one of your items
      3. Non-keepable Gift Select between:

        1. A Flower (If your tama likes it, it will jump up and down with glee, but if a bug comes out, it will scare the Tama)
        2. A Small Cake (If the Tama likes it, it will eat it, but sometimes a bat will come down, making your Tamagotchi frightened, cross and sad)
        3. A Big Cake (If the Tama likes it, it will eat it, but sometimes a bug may fly out, and the Tamagotchi will vomit)
        4. A Diamond Ring (If the Tama likes it it will jump with glee but if it doesn't it will cry

      [*]Random? Not sure what the last option is, but it seems to give the last thing you bought from e-tamago, or something like that.

      [*]Receive Present If you are going to receive a present another EnTama is donating, go to this option.

      [*]Marriage This can only be used once your tamagotchi is graduated, and can be used to mate Tamagotchis of the opposite gender.

      • Keitai Kaitsu AKAI To connect to your AKAI Tamagotchi
      • Keitai Kaitsu To connect to your Keitai
      • PC (already written):
        How to connect to PC: Scroll down the list till you get to PC: First option, the Tama shall hop off the screen and give you a code. Type this code into and youll access Tamagotchi Town Japan... Each section thats alight does different things... But I cnat be bothered to list them now. XD
        The second PC option is for using tickets you bought. I havent tried this out yet anyway...
        Check out this topic for passwords for certain characters and going to certain towns. :( You can contribute too
      • Kakeibo/TamaStation Connect to Kakeibo and TamaStation.


      Sixth option-Mail

      Welll, praise and tiem out was substitued by this new icon seeing the training now revolved around GUT points...

      The first option is newspaper, and the sectond is mail (or was it the other way round!?!?). Anyway, every so often, Nazotchi pops in a letter into a post box (with a mouth!) and the icon flashes. Go to it and read your mail. Dpeending on what its about your character can get happy and dance about, sad, do nothing, earn or lose gotchipoints and happiness points. When an adult, you seem to receive your salary (once you get your job)

      Seventh option-health

      Another straightforward icon. When your Tamagothci gets ill or gets toothache from snack overdose, use this item to soothe it. t soemtimes takes a double dose. :(

      Eighth icon-treasure icon

      Everything you can play with that you've bought from the salesman/e-tamago you find here... There are diffetnt options... Yu may notice the light icon therefoe does not exist anymore, so basically your Tamagotchi turns its lights on and off by itself, so... one job less for you!

      First option: You get the item of your school/job. At preschool you gt a handbag. If your at school you get different items that add extra GUT points (only one) to the GUT point it affects... Once you have a job, you get the item of that job and also get extra GUT points.

      Second option: Anything that raises GUT points... Radios, TVs, Baths, Beds...

      Third Option: I dont have anything in there... I think it has those pill-things to boost certain GUT points... But Im not sure

      Fourth option: Tickets-all tickets you have appear here too

      Fifth option: Other things that dont exactly raise pints of any kind as far as I know. My favourite option here is the microphone, because your Tamagotchi can sing three different tunes. :D

      Ninth icon-Notebook

      First option: I'm guessing it lists your friends, but as I have none, its empty

      Second option: Family-your parents appear there. First the one you raised and then the partner you mated via matchmaker (or connection to other entama I guess)

      Third option: I think its the graveyard where you pray to your dead entamas, so if your next one dies, the spirit will come and rescue it... Still, none of mine have died yet, so I refuse to try it out. :ph34r:

      Tenth icon-Attention

      If your Tamagotchi loses all hearts or needs attention/assistance of any kind, this shall light up.


      Other settings


      You access it by pressing b. There, you cna modify the time by pressing c+a or modify the contrats by pressing b+c . A decreases contrast, b increases, c goes out with new contrast.

      You can set the time to special times to make matchmaker/nanny/school teacher come

      (15:00, 18:00 as far as I remember...)

      Set it to aminute before and wait on normal screen for teacher/matchmaker/nany to come.

      The Nanny

      When your characetrs a toddler, he comes to teach it a dance. Press b button and they'll interact on their own... After two dances, nanny leaves. Your char may fail or do it well. Ity doesnt affect any points as far as I know.

      The School Teacher

      When your toddler becomes a teen, it appears breaking wind underneath a banner (O_o) and it leaves nanny. Your new teacher comes and gives you a present, which shall be your new itme.

      There are three teachers, you'll get one or the other depending on how many GUT points you have. The one you have the most of is the teacher you get.

      Geography teacher-Intelligence teacher. He hides a pencil in a present box and ou've got to guess in which one it is. Guess right-+10 GUT points, guess wrong, you get a poo. You get an "academic hat" and apencil from him which lift IQ up 1 GUT point.

      Flower teacher-Style teacher (hides muscial note). You get top hat and flute.

      Cnavas-head teahcer-Kindness teacher, hides heart.. You get a beret and "clay".

      The Matchmaker

      Once you get a job, you simply have o raise GUT points to gain more "stars". Meanwhile, you are visited by the matchmaker who offers you a partner from any fmaily.




      Same fmaily+same family=smae family

      Secret Characters

      If you give certain characters some care-you can get the secret character

      Tensaitchi, NonBiritchi and Makikotchi (I think)

      I read soemwhere (Skillful Abbott's page) that doing certain things you could get a secre character.


      • Get a Mametchi
      • Get a job as a scientist
      • Get 999 GUT points in Intelligence
      • Wait for three days


      • Get a Kuchipatchi
      • Get a job as hot springs bath attendant (thanks binary)
      • Get 999 GUT points in Kindness
      • Wait for three days


      • Get a Memetchi
      • Get a job as a pop star
      • Get 999 GUT points in Style
      • Wait for three days



      Option 1: ON

      Option 2 : OFF

      Petting and getting random animation

      Press c when no icon is highlighted and your character will be very happy. If teen/adult it shall walk pup to you. If baby/toddler it shall jump in glee.

      I do not know what the old folks do.


      Evolutions on Entama take twice as long, to give you time to get enough GUT points.

      I'm Interested-Where can I buy one? excellent place with Asian products. Apart from Keitai and AKAIs, they have entamas. They have them for REASONABLE prices. SImply search Tamagotchi

      eBay is always a great bet. Search "entama" or "cho jinsei" and soemthing is bound to coem up! :(


      Visit this TamaTalk link to view the growthchart of the characters and this on to view the names of each one.



      Thanks for reading!

      Any help/suggesions/comments extra tips welcome!

      (My hands are aching now-lol!)


      Sidenote: Sorry for some little mess-ups with the list. It took 15 editings to at least get the list priorities correct, but some seem to stick out of the skin, however it is undertandable right? Connection added.

Edited by spiffy
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I bet you worked SO hard on this. Thanks!

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^^Thanks. :D Im out of puff, lol... I just modified one of the links, I accidentally sent it to the V3 characetr chart instead of the entama growth chart. Anyway, error corrected. :ph34r:

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^^Thanks. :furawatchi: Im out of puff, lol... I just modified one of the links, I accidentally sent it to the V3 characetr chart instead of the entama growth chart. Anyway, error corrected. :(

Whoa, you sure are tired!

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Ok, Ive redone it a little, Added the secret characters (I just got my Tensaitchi today) and where you can buy them!

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Thanks a ton for this, spiffy! I'll bookmark this page, so I can use it when my Entama arrives in a few days! Good work!


:gozarutchi: ;) :wacko:

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]Wow.i really wish i had an mom's firend is going to japan,so i might get one soon.then i can come back to this page and use those tricks!

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You must be pooped out, Spiffy. Anyway, I don't really get this Entama naming stuff, so whenever I get an Entama I'll name it Kira for a girl and Mitsu for a boy. Though I doubt... I'll get one. :( Anyway, that was helpful!

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that's a cool detailed info you have for entama owners and soon-to-be entama ethusiants (pardon my spelling!).


I have 1 small question: How come you guys are so willing to get entama despite the japanese version in entama?


I wonder how you manage to understand japanese and at same time enjoy looking at your pet??? I was planning to get an entama but decided not to because i might be frustrated with japanese words and henceforth will kill my mood.


I have emailed to Bandai regarding on entamas being released in US version. Bandai's reply was:


"Thank you for taking the time to share your suggestions. There are many

reasons why U.S. versions may be dis-similiar to their Japanese counterparts

but we do appreciate your input on the Tamagotchi Connection line."


That's it.........?????

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Wow... You must have worked hard to type all of that. It's really useful. You should become an admin. It really helped me out with my Entama. Thanks.

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Thanx! That was really helpful!


Edit: Nevermind

Edited by tamatama2005

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]Wow.i really wish i had an mom's firend is going to japan,so i might get one soon.then i can come back to this page and use those tricks!

i wish i could go to japan(its my favotite country)any way i have an entama.itsbalck and white

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the press c thing dose not work :ichigotchi:

hmm.... i don't think you have an entama then. perhaps you have a v3?

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Well, I'm glad this is appreciated. :unsure:

There is another entama topic

there. It contains passwords for accessing e-tamago, so if you wish to have a specific login code, refer to that topic. I'll also include it in the main post, see if it helps a little. :)

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Well done, Spiffy!! :)

You sure done a good job on that :unsure:

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:unsure: Good someone please help me with my tamagotchi i don`t get how you get the teacher? :)

:) and does someone have a v3 growth chart? :)

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