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An Apology

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I know some administrater is gonna take this down but...Here it goes!

About a week ago i started a poll.It was interesting cuz i said free prizes.Then just today i checked the replies and found out my poll was closed(and it had a lot of coplaints).I was just writing this message cus i couldn't email everyone that took that poll and i'm sorry for the false advertising.I hope you all are not mad at me cuz the free prize thing lead to a evil zombie' really really really sorry if i made you mad or frusterated at all,in anyway but i will take down any other false ads that are on here of mine.And thanx Bell Sprout for closing that or i would have gotten a lot of hate mail.

Sorry ;) ,




P.S.By the way this was the spam that i'll take down later for anyone who wants to see(sorry admin but there are people who wanna see it)

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