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Tamagotchi Hits Sale of One Million Units In Japan

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Found this press release... Keep in mind... This is JUST IN JAPAN!

Bandai’s Next Generation Tamagotchi Hits Sales of One Million Units In Japan in Just Five Months!

CYPRESS, Calif., July 29, 2004 – While the launch of Tamagotchi Connection, the next generation original virtual pet, is set for nationwide release in the United States on August 15, the Tamagotchi craze is already thriving overseas. Bandai Japan recently announced that cumulative sales of Tamagotchi are on track to exceed one million units by the end of August – just five months after its Japanese release in March 2004. Fans of all ages – from children to adults who remember the first Tamagotchi – are eagerly purchasing the advanced virtual pets with infrared technology.

To satisfy consumer anticipation and demand in the United States, Bandai America has scheduled two special launch events for Tamagotchi Connection in New York and San Francisco. Fans are invited to Toys “R” Us Times Square in New York beginning Tuesday, August 10 at 9:45 a.m. ET and also to Metreon – A Sony Entertainment Center in San Francisco on Tuesday, August 10 at 9:45 a.m. PT to purchase the first products five days before they are available nationwide.

“We’re ecstatic to see such overwhelming consumer response to the release of Tamagotchi overseas – which is a great indicator of what to expect in the U.S.,” said Bill Beebe, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Bandai America. “Because so many fans have been demanding product in the United States, we are offering fans a chance to purchase their own Tamagotchi Connection at Toys ‘R’ Us Times Square and Sony Metreon five days before they are officially available on store shelves across the country.”

About Tamagotchi Connection
The egg-shaped toy simulates the life cycle of a pet, letting kids experience the fun and responsibility of feeding, tending to and caring for their virtual pet. The advanced Tamagotchi Connection features new infrared communication functions. Infrared technology allows Tamagotchi Connection owners to “connect” with others, play games, give gifts and become friends with other Tamagotchi owners and store a “friend list” of up to 50 friends. Once an adult, the Tamagotchi can connect with a compatible Tamagotchi friend and have a second-generation Tamagotchi that the owner can care for and nurture into an adult to create more generations to come.

Bandai’s Next Generation Tamagotchi Hits Sales of One Million Units in Japan With a larger display and better graphics than the original version, Tamagotchi Connection owners can care for their pet by selecting various controls to feed it food or a snack, play games with it, clean up after its messes and give it medicine when it becomes sick. The new Tamagotchi Connection will be available at retailers nationwide on August 15, 2004 at a suggested retail price of $14.99.

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