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My tamagotchi batteries are going to die....

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I think my tamagotchi's batteries are going to run out soon. I have noticed a few things wrong with it.... ;)

1. The sound is quiet. My brother found his tamagotchi today and I noticed that his sound was a lot louder than mine.

2. Whenever I go into the 'connecting' screen, the screen is more lighter than usual. And when I press B to proceed, the screen sort of flashes. It is light, then it turns even more light, then it turns light again, becomes even more light, etc...

3. When I was trying to connect it to my brothers tamagotchi, it always said 'fail' and it didn't even work once!



So do these things mean that the battery will die soon?




edit - never mind. the battery just died a few seconds ago. ;)


edit(again) - I just replaced the batteries a while ago! :)

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