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I got triplets!

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:D OK today I came out of school and my tamagotchi connections screen was going black and sort of moving a little!!!

So I got a pencil and reset it and pressed the download button!!


And then befote my eyes...

were triplets!!

So Its really weird but cool!

I connected him with my other tama and they played except when I looked at mine some othet character was there then when the game was over it was the triplets again!!

Thdey do the same things its just like a secret character!!!

I'd put pictures but I don't know how can someone tell me? So I can show you???!!??


Please!! It's cool! :D :D :D



Also has this ever happend to anyone else before?? :D

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That sounds really rare! :D

I can't wait to see the pictures of the triplet tamagotchis.

Is your tamagotchi a version two or a version three? :D



-sk8er girl- :D

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