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Roar The Tiger

A guide to Entama. and e-tamago

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To play the Ring Toss Game, You must throw the ring over one of the pegs to get that prize, if you get the Golden Sack, You will get a better prize. Notice that it is faster on Tamatown then on e-tamago.




The Ring Toss Game is pretty simple, You have to press the button when you think the claw is directly above the the Prize Bag

But it is quite hard since you have to get it straight on.




The Printer Machine is simple, All you do is write out some info on it (In Japanese) and it allows you to choose facial expressions for your tama. Then it allows you to print of a sheet of them (10 I think).




The Racing game, However. Doesnt involve you actually driving the car, You pick from either Memecchi, Kuchipacchi and Memecchi. And the Winner is completely Random! But you win little points.




The New Tama game in the Tama Station is pretty hard, But you win one of those "One of a kind" prizes.. A COCO (?) Dragon, Available on the Enwarehouse by Binary. You must press the Left mouseto fire and move your Tama ship with your mouse. Once the "Dragon Gauge" is full, The COCO dragon will appear and burn all the Enemies. But, If you are hit during the game, The TamaPlanet will get sad and look as if it's dieing.




The Tama Quizzes in the Tama Station are rather hard.. Just play them a few times and Memorize the Answers, You must get 100% to win. The ECO panda game: You have to sort out all of the Litter (I think) Into the correct places. And if you win, You get a little ECO panda for your tama!




The TamaTower Gives you all of the TamaNews (I think, Correct If I'm wrong) And other Infomation about e-tamago.




The TamaSchool is open for when your tama is in Preschool, Your tama will play in the garden, The Teacher will Turn around and you have to move your character without getting seen.




To visit your parents, Go on the parents house.. Your Parent will appear on it and You play a game, You have to Move all the objects and put them in the correct places. It will leave you with a log-out code.




The TamaTama market is simple, You choose an item, It leaves you a logout code, and you have to pay for that item.




^"*Entama Guide*"^ (Copied from My Guide on TZ, Some infomation is copywright of P-low [skillful Abbot])



(Release date, November 2005)


* Released November 2005 in Japan.

* A small strand of beads is attached rather than a keychain or mini-strap.

* Interacts with the Japanese Tamagotchi website and WAP page via 14-digit passcodes.

* Features include: school, jobs, online interactivity, and cooking. There are only cooking-specific items that you can buy which are separate from the general foods and snacks.


This Tamagotchi has many new features added since the Keitai. This, as mentioned, can link to the internet address: From there, you can enter Tamagotchi Town and take part in many activities and play many games. You can even shop and buy things for your EnTama. The Entama can connect to the Home Deka, but can only trade points and not items.


This Tamagotchi also features three character groups: Intelligence, Kindness and Style. In Japanese, these are the Mamezoku, Kutchizoku, and Memezoku groups.


Three new games too: 1)Catching clothes and dodging the poo, 2)the Hammer game, and 3)the matching cards game.


* In the first game, you have to catch 100 clothes in total while dodging the poo to get 500 Gotchi points and ten Style points

* In the second game, you have to hammer a total of 30 stories of a building to rescue the baby on the top to get 500 Gotchi points and ten Kindness points

* In the third game, you have to choose 2 cards to flip out of 4 face-down. Match the same cards 6 times to get 500 Gotchi points and ten Intelligence points.


-NOTE- If you would like a preview of the Japanese Tamatown (link is above) type in :3214134, 0150204 w/e


There is currently a Chou Jinsei Enjoi accessory available. It features a touchscreen, and is very big (10cm tall, 7.5cm wide). Yet the Deka is bigger than it. On the bottom of the egg it has 'TMGC TOWN GINZA STREET' engraved in it. There are no buttons on this accessory, and it's called the Kaikebo (account book).


To play the Hammer game, you have to hit the nail to knock out the giant bricks, If you finish it, you will save the babytchi (v2 type ->>> Why? since if you connect a v2 babytchi to an entama it comes up as nazotchi O_O) But, If you dont finish it, you will hit out the wrong brick and the babytchi will fall off, thus giving you less points, even none!


The entama has lots, And lots of secret characters, but they have pretty logical ways of getting them. It is unknown how many characters there really is! Becuase new ones keep being revealed! Here is a list of most of the characters names:




young mametchi

young mimitchi






young robotchi















young memetchi






young kuchipatchi







young dorotchi










All the Entama kisetsu Event

[infomation provided by P-Low]


* January Kagami mochi, looks like a cake when it comes and sits there... from Jan 1~ 3rd [Oshogatsu]


* March 1st to 3rd, Ohina Matsuri [Hina doll display]


* April 1st to 7th, Ohanami, Oyajitchi's screen is a little different... cherry blossom viewing


* July [all month] Wind chime


* August 3rd to 9th Fireworks Festival


* Sept. 15th to 19th Full moon watching. . .


* Dec. 20th to 25th Christmas Tree


* December 24th Midnight Santa Clause will visit


* December 31st Midnight Tama will celebrate the New Year [???]


Other celebrations:

Birthday [You set date] Tama character dances around and ges happy.


There are currently: 32 designs for En-tama!



All infomation Is copywright of Me and anyone who gave me infomation for this to be completed.

Edited by Roar The Tiger

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Awesome! Thanks RTT!!!



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Thanks for pinning this! I want everyone to see this! It took ages to write XP.

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Great job, RTT. It will become a helpful link in a reply to "what's and entama?".

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Great, informative information RTT!

Will come in handy when I get my entama!



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Awesome info! Nice job! :D

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A slot machine has been installed in the Game Center. You can win up to 900 $G$.

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Wow, great info! It looks like you put alot of time and effort into it! Can't wait 'till my Entama arrives, I'll be sure to remember this!

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A slot machine has been installed in the Game Center.  You can win up to 900 $G$.

what game center? At e-tamago, or tamatown?

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what game center? At e-tamago, or tamatown?

I'll give you a clue: "what is the title of this topic?"

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I need help





*_* @_@


What should i do?

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